Why Us

We at Serenity Addiction Centres provide drug and alcohol detox services. Addiction is an illness and it should be treated as such. We do this in a calm and tranquil environment, where the focus is on reduction of stress. Our health and well-being programme runs alongside your therapeutic detox programme at our private rehabilitation centre.

Treatment is most effective when the client is in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Therefore, our bedrooms are furnished to a high standard with en-suite bathrooms and a TV.

Let us help you or your loved one and take care of all of your needs. On arrival, you will be greeted by our fully qualified experts who will offer 24 hour care to support your needs.

What we Treat

At Serenity Addiction Centres, we treat all forms of addiction. Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible through the detox programme and not to pass judgement on any of our clients. Some of the addictions that we can help with include:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methadone
  • Ketamine
  • Crystal Meth
  • Cannabis
  • Mephedrone
  • GHB / GBL
  • Amphetamine

As well as substances we can help with other addictions, such as gambling and food disorders. We take this just as seriously as substance addiction and appreciate the damage it can do to client and those around them.

How we treat it

We use a range of treatments to help you overcome your addiction. Each care plan is individually tailored for the particular client using our team of medical experts. Every detail of your treatment is perfectly planned, from psychotherapy to medication and even meals.

One of the most important stages of this is rapid detox. In a controlled environment, and in the presence of trained medical staff, we aim to remove the body of any trace of the substance in the body. Due to the rapid nature of our detox programme, the withdrawal symptoms are constantly monitored by our medical staff to minimise any potential risks to the patient. Prescribed medication and vitamins will be provided when appropriate.

Our detox programme lasts for 10 days and our clients are then monitored by our trained staff following a consultation with our psychiatrist.

As well as treating the symptoms of addiction, we at Serenity Addiction Centres treat the causes to ensure a long term recovery. We provide a treatment model that has an educational, scientific and therapeutic combination.

Our treatment programme is focused on reducing stress. This can be done using a combination of psychotherapy and counselling.  Our relaxation techniques also help the client to deal with stress and can help them deal with stress on a long term basis, using techniques such as meditation, yoga and art.