What Happens After Drug Rehab?

Addiction Aftercare

Attending a rehab clinic for alcohol or drug addiction and seeing it through is one of the biggest achievements you can ever experience.

The dedication, clarity of thought and hard work it takes to go clean and successfully detoxify the body without relapsing is no small feat, even with the help of some of the most successful rehabilitation centres in the world.

Despite this, it’s important to remember that even once you complete your rehabilitation and get back to your normal life, you aren’t quite out of the woods yet.

Socialising with friends you previously used drugs with, getting your first payday after leaving rehab, or even just feeling bored are all potential causes for relapse.

In order to stay strong and complete your recovery, you will need to use everything you’ve learnt in rehab, be strict with yourself, and find ways to create a distraction in order to completely get back to truly being yourself.

Most good rehabilitation centres will have an aftercare programme, in order to provide advice on preventing relapse, ongoing therapy and medication if necessary, and of course to catch a relapse as early as possible and get you back into rehab if it does occur.

Here at Serenity we prioritise our aftercare programme more than anybody else and give our leaving patients access to a 24/7 helpline so that they never feel alone.

This is important because most patients don’t know what to expect after drug rehab, and facing any potential cravings or mood swings alone can be intimidating after spending time with constant help and support.

If you’re wondering what to do after drug rehab, the best thing is to:

  • Throw yourself completely into the aftercare programme and remain involved as much as you can
  • Distract yourself constantly by exercising daily, taking up new hobbies, and actively trying to keep busy

But what do these aftercare programmes actually involve?

Let’s take a look:

Drug Rehab Aftercare Programmes

What happens after rehab can often be disconcerting – going from being watched by therapists, GPs and nurses, and being given medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms, directly to handling things alone is often worrying at first.

Drug rehab aftercare can take multiple guises:

Follow-Up Checkups

If deemed necessary, you will be invited back for a checkup to discuss how you are doing and whether you are experiencing cravings. This can also be considered a chance to discuss any difficulties you have had and get professional advice and encouragement.

Aftercare Treatments & Follow-Up Therapy Sessions

All of our rehabilitation programmes and home detoxes include free aftercare so that if our doctors believe you need it, you can continue to visit us after your inpatient (or home detox) period in order to attend CBT and other therapy sessions, in order to aid and support your ongoing recovery.

If you are unable to attend one of our locations, we are also able to refer you to your best local counsellors and therapists who meet your specific needs.

Support and Self Help Groups

Support & Self Help Groups

Sharing your experiences with others you have overcome addiction and hearing their stories can be extremely inspiring and help you to realise that not only are you not alone but overcoming addiction really is achievable.

We are able to provide information on local support groups, alcoholics anonymous meetings, and similar groups such as SMART recovery, as well as refer you to NHS services and local drug and alcohol teams if necessary.

Aftercare Drug Treatment

In the vast majority of cases, patients who leave our clinics will be completely past the withdrawal stage and therefore continuing to avoid drink or drugs will be much easier.

However, in the most extreme cases, withdrawal can last much longer, and so this may not always be possible.

Inpatients receive prescription medication to help reduce their cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which is something that makes staying sober much easier.

These medications can continue to be prescribed when you leave if necessary, allowing you to remain comfortable and safe in your own home while managing your symptoms as much as possible and having 24/7 phone contact with our team.

We can also provide referrals for ongoing holistic treatments such as massage and acupuncture, fitness trainers or nutritionists to help keep you healthy, positive and distracted through this period if needed.

Serenity Centres Rehabilitation Clinics

No matter how strong you are or how unique your problems are, the first step on the road to recovery is always the same – admitting you have a problem and contacting a professional to discuss it.

Our friendly, expert staff are available at all times on 0800 118 2892 and are waiting to help you.

We provide the UK’s leading inpatient treatments and home detox programmes, meaning no matter your situation or location, we are ready to help.

Rehabilitation is an ongoing and difficult time, but with the right help and the right determination, there is nothing to stop you from winning your life back.

Begin your journey to recovery today by contacting us now, or schedule a free tour of one of our clinics to learn more!

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