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What is the process for considering whether inpatient treatment might be necessary for eating disorders?

March 12, 2018

When an individual, or those concerned for their welfare, believe someone may have an eating disorder, this may be due to a preoccupation with food or weight. When this persists, or symptoms have worsened, then we recommend a comprehensive evaluation in one of our Consultation Clinics.

Here, the individual, preferably accompanied by a family member or significant other, will be seen by an experienced psychiatrist who will undertake that comprehensive review of their history and symptoms. Any necessary medical tests will also be completed, and other medical or psychiatric problems will also be fully discussed. 

After all diagnoses have been made and impressions analysed, our consultant will offer clear treatment recommendations. These could include further testing, medication or psychotherapy. It’s also possible that a further consultation with another of our medical specialist team might be suggested. 


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