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What do I put in place to prevent relapse?

March 6, 2018

Relapse is when individuals start using drugs once again, following on from a period of being clean. Relapse rates for former addict’s range between 40% and 60%, so it could be said that about half the people who experience drug detox and maintain a clean lifestyle for a while will go through a period of relapse at some point. There are a variety of factors which can trigger relapse, including:
• Increased availability of substance
• Isolation
• Losing your job or unemployment
• Extreme levels of stress
• Reduced or lack of support from family and friends
There are proven techniques to assist recovering drug abusers with remaining clean and avoiding any relapse. It’s important for former drug abusers and family members to take full advantage of any aftercare services which are provided by treatment centres. Many rehab centres offer targeted relapse prevention sessions that will teach techniques for handling some of the most common relapse triggers.


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