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Drug Detox UK Services

Drug Rehab Medicine

We have spent decades studying and refining drug detox treatments, recovery plans and relapse prevention processes to provide the most effective drug rehabilitation and treatment plans available.

When someone is addicted to drugs, they need to go through a detoxification process to cleanse their system. The detox process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of drugs and the health needs of the patient. 

The most effective type of detox treatment is an inpatient detox, also known as a residential detox. This is when the patient stays in clinical care. It involves a medically assisted detox supported by trained nurses and experts in drug addiction. 

We have specially selected our staff based on their high standards of work, friendly and welcoming manner, and the fact many of them have previously been drug addicts and gone through drug detoxification programmes themselves.

We believe this is crucial to assembling an effective and approachable team, as it is hard for a patient to take a doctor, nurse or therapist seriously when they haven’t been through the emotional struggles the patient is experiencing.

This also allows our staff to give more accurate and specific advice, meaning you can relax knowing you are in good hands. It also extends to the quality of our care and drug detox services.

Our Advantages

  • Rehab clinics across the UK
  • Experts in drug detox 
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Therapy and counselling 
  • Treatment for all drug addictions
  • Family support
  • Immediate intervention available 
  • 12 months aftercare 
  • Flexible credit – we accept most medical insurance, or we can put together a low-interest and customisable credit plan. 

Don’t be afraid to take the first step 

While you might be worried about calling us, if you do, you will immediately feel welcome and understood, with our staff taking you through a quick and easy assessment process. This comes with no obligation to enter a drug detox clinic

A telephone consultation is your chance to discuss any issues that are unique to you. You will get high-quality advice from a trained professional on how best to overcome your addiction. We will listen to your story and help you in any way we can. 

Whether you are a serious risk to yourself and others and need to immediately check yourself into a rehab facility, or you have a mild dependency and just want to ask some advice, we are always ready and waiting.

The detox treatment advice we provide is for all types of drugs, including cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, MDMA, ecstasy and legal highs. 

If you are addicted to drugs and need help, we can book you into a drug detox center

But what does drug detoxification involve?

Let’s take a look at your options.

Inpatient Drug Detox

Doctor with patient

An inpatient drug detox involves staying in residential accommodation at a drug detox clinic

Our detox clinics are unlike what you probably imagine. They are modern, well-appointed facilities with plenty to do. You will have a private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

Our clinics have extensive grounds you can explore, and we host regular outings with patients. 

Of course, drug detox is just the first stage of the rehab process, and we offer plenty of support groups, therapy sessions, medication and advice even after the detox is complete, to help you get your life back on track.

Detox drugs include withdrawal medication, sickness medication, anxiety medication and medication for any other medical requirements you have. 

Not all drugs have a withdrawal medication. If this is the case with your drug of choice, our only option is to make your detox as painless as possible. 

“How long is drug detox?” is another common question we get asked.

The amount of time necessary to detox safely and successfully from drugs varies depending on the person, the drugs, the frequency and volume of use, and more variables 0 but it is typically around 7 days for most drugs. 

Some of the factors that affect the length of time a drug detox takes include:

  • Drug type 
  • Date since last use 
  • Quantity of drugs in system
  • Age
  • Height and weight 
  • Sex

The simplest way to find out how long your detox will take is to call us. Our addiction professionals will ask you some basic questions and provide an estimate. 

If you attend one of our detox centres, you will be supervised by medical professionals to make sure your detox treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

What to expect during detox 

There will be GP consultations, 24/7 one-to-one support, cognitive behavioural therapy, holistic therapy sessions, support groups where you can meet other people struggling with drug addiction, drug detox pills and other medications prescribed to combat the effects of withdrawal, and even activities such as yoga and swimming if you wish, to help your mind stay occupied and healthy while you overcome your withdrawal symptoms.

Your drug detox clinic will provide all the therapy and additional support you need. 

We also have nutritionists who can keep you healthy during your detox process and even give you healthcare products such as drug detox drinks and vitamins which, while unable to solve your issues alone, can make your time with us more comfortable and relaxing, aiding the body to detox itself naturally.

Once your 7-day drug detox programme is complete, you can either go home or continue to attend, depending on your risk of relapse which will be determined between yourself and our doctors.

This continuing support can be completed as an inpatient or outpatient and can be personalised to fit around your life, making it as convenient and stress-free as possible.

During your stay at a drug detox center you might also like to work on your fitness with a personal trainer. This is offered as an extra. 

In the cases of milder drug addiction, or if you are simply too busy to attend one of our centres, you are also able to detox yourself at home.

Outpatient Drug Detox

Holding hands

With an outpatient programme, you will still receive high-quality drug detox services. The only difference is you will stay at home during your detox. 

This is a unique offering that means professional-level drug home detox treatment is available even for those that are unable to attend a rehab centre, meaning nobody has to struggle with addiction alone.

You will be able to go about your day to day routine, and even go to work if you feel able.

Despite this, you will still have regular contact and guidance from our expert team and can meet up for checkups, CBT sessions and more throughout your detox period. This makes sure there are no relapses or other issues.

You will be prescribed detox drugs and you will have access to a dedicated GP for help. 

We understand that attending a detox centre as an inpatient can not only be worrying and stressful for some people but can also intrude on your life and be very difficult to find the time for.

This should never be a reason to prevent somebody from getting their life back on track and we believe that anybody with an addiction or dependency problem should have access to high-quality, professional medical care.

This is why we have launched our detox from home programmes, allowing patients around the UK a healthy, proven and stress-free way to detox themselves from drugs at home with 24/7 support.

When is an outpatient service a good choice? It’s a potentially good choice for mild addictions, drugs that do not cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, and people who are not vulnerable. 

The drawback to outpatient drug detox is it doesn’t take you out of your normal surroundings. This means you could be exposed to situations and pressures that make it very difficult to avoid drugs. 

The good news is if you do relapse as an outpatient, you can start inpatient detox treatment as a next step. 

If you believe this is the best option for you, you may wish to read our page on Home Drug Detox Methods.

How Much Does a Drug Detox Cost?

two people in counselling

For some people, drug detox centres have the image of being incredibly expensive places, only suitable for successful business people and celebrities. 

We have done our best to dispel this idea and offer some of the lowest-priced drug detox options in the world, without sacrificing quality. We believe everyone should have access to quality drug detox services

Not only this, but we offer low-interest payment plans and our services are covered by most medical insurance policies, meaning that even if you are struggling financially, you can get the treatment you deserve, get your life back on track, and only then will you have to worry about the financial aspects.

We also offer FREE assessments, meaning you can discuss your drug detox options with us, including the treatments you need and any payment options we can offer you.

We are flexible about financial situations and welcome anyone to contact us. 

Whether you are on a low income, receive benefits or have no income, we can always help in some way, whether it be through treatment or advice. 

This means you can come to see us no matter your financial situation, as we find the idea of somebody being unable to afford the help they need horrifying.

You can of course also use the detox from home programme to save even more money, allowing you to access a lower cost professional detox programme that has ever been available previously.

If you would like your FREE drug detox assessment or any other advice on drug addiction and recovery, call us now on 0800 118 2892 or go to our pricing page for more information.

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Book a Free Tour in a Detox Centre Near You


In our quest to make drug detoxification as easy and as stress-free as possible, we didn’t want our inpatients to have to travel halfway across the country to get the best treatment.

As a result, we have set up high-quality drug detox UK treatment clinics, centres and retreats all over the country, meaning one is surely closer than you think.

We work with a network of rehab centres, addiction support groups and NHS services to find people placements in the right drug detox centers. We aim to help everyone get the right treatment. 

You can find all of our facilities across England, Scotland, Wales, and even France listed on our Locations page. Whether you want a drug detox clinic close to home or far away, we have you covered. 

We also offer FREE tours of our clinics to see if they suit you, so if you would like to learn more about our treatments and our relaxing retreats, this is a great way to view the surroundings, meet our staff, and learn more about what we can do for you.

To schedule your free tour, go to our Admissions page to begin your journey to recovery! 

As always, if you are unsure whether we can help you, whether you want to detox in a clinic or at home, or just generally want advice on your addiction, please call us on 0800 118 2892.

Serenity Health provides high quality, person-centred drug detox treatments at our peaceful retreats or within the home environment. We have vast experience in managing drug detox programmes and are aware of issues that can arise.

We are happy to take urgent drug detox admissions and offer specialist support from an understanding team of workers with wide experience of the issues and behaviours associated with drug detox.

Our Drug Detox Services

We offer a range of detox services that are designed to help you make a full recovery. 

Some of our detox services include:

  • Medically assisted detox: This is when you take detox drugs to manage your withdrawal symptoms and sickness. This type of detox is available as an inpatient or outpatient: 
  • Talking therapies: Talking therapies, or psychological therapies, help you talk through problems and deal with mental health problems like anxiety, stress and depression. 
  • Psychological therapies: These involve speaking with a therapist on a deeper level. They can help you feel happier and more confident. You might prefer to go to group sessions to hear from others. 
  • Aftercare: Your detox treatment won’t end after you leave our care. We will be there for you when you need us. We can arrange additional support to see you through difficult times.

Our Drug Detox Programme

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Our comprehensive drug detox programme is geared to meet your individual needs and provides medical support, alongside holistic therapies and talking treatments.

Drug detox will often only achieve long-term results when it addresses the physical, mental and psychological sides of drug abuse. 

While you can take withdrawal medication at home and skip the therapy, you will get more from the process by throwing yourself into it on a deeper level. 

We believe that the simple approach works best with drug detox and all our support is aimed at helping clients overcome drug addiction and move forward to a successful, drug-free lifestyle.

We offer ongoing therapies and drug support services to aid in the rehabilitation process and also provide family education to enable partners and close family members to provide essential support and understanding throughout the drug detox and rehabilitation procedure.

If you need free advice regarding addiction and other related issues, our helpful advisers are on hand to help clarify complicated issues and offer solutions. We provide a comprehensive telephone screening service that allows us to ascertain the best way forward and the types of service which would prove most beneficial.

Drug withdrawal

Man Sitting Alone

Withdrawal symptoms are a sign you have a drug dependence problem. 

Here are some symptoms:

  • You think about drugs regularly 
  • You can’t sleep without drugs
  • You dream about drugs 
  • You regularly take drugs to feel better
  • You only feel happy after taking drugs
  • You make excuses to take drugs
  • You would rather use drugs than see family
  • You are associating with other drug users 
  • You spend a lot of money on drugs
  • You are taking risks on drugs, like driving
  • Drugs are affecting your personal and professional life, such as making you late for work or making you argue with those who love you. 

Serenity Health understands the drug withdrawal process and provides a complete treatment programme to facilitate successful drug detox. We also deliver ongoing support to aid rehabilitation.

Many members of our knowledgeable and skilled teams have a lived experience of drug detox and withdrawal, so we can provide a peer support service that’s second to none. 

We offer a complete range of drug detox services geared towards drug withdrawal, with many available therapies and interventions which help our clients reach an understanding of their addiction and can lead to increased commitment to remaining drug-free.

We know how difficult it can be to live with somebody with drug addiction, that’s the reason we offer support and education to partners and family members at the same time as offering a person-centred drug detox plan to all our clients.

Admission to Drug Detox Programme

Anxious woman sat along

It’s hard to live with drug addiction, but, from the moment you pick up the phone to call our specialist workers, you’ll understand you are not alone. 

With Serenity, you will be admitted into a drug detox clinic that specialises in your type of addiction. We have clinics across the UK that specialise in everything from prescription drugs to cocaine addiction. 

Our knowledgeable telephone advisers provide you with a simple, easy assessment process that will identify the many ways in which you could benefit from our services and also helps us reach a more considered understanding of your requirements.

We are happy to take urgent admissions for drug detox into our retreat or onto our home drug detox programme and every plan is supported by an experienced medical team, with the understanding required to deal with withdrawal and issues in detox. 

Detox drugs will be prescribed to help you combat the worst symptoms of the withdrawal process, such as shivers and sickness, and ensure you remain comfortable at all times throughout your drug detox. 

Our comprehensive programme for drug detox is supported by clinicians with vast expertise in drug addiction and detox, therapists who can offer one-to-one support and cognitive behavioural therapies to help you reach an understanding of the reasons for your addiction, and support workers, who provide a range of therapeutic sessions and peer support.

Once your detox is complete, our comprehensive range of ongoing therapies and services helps you achieve your goal of remaining drug-free, while maintaining all aspects of your personal, work and social lifestyle.

If you experience drug addiction or support somebody with an addiction to drugs, we can offer free advice to help you plan for the future or deal with complex, ongoing issues which need resolution and we are happy to provide immediate support and take urgent admissions, when necessary.

If you need immediate drug detox intervention, we can arrange private transport to a clinic. We will liaise with people close to you to sort out your personal affairs, or you can see to these yourself.

How Our Expert Support Helps With Effective Recovery

Holding Hands Celebrating

Our comprehensive programme for drug detox enables clients to experience a more comfortable period of detox while benefiting from a range of support services that can help you achieve a greater understanding of your addiction and lead to a greater commitment to a drug-free life.

We have several detox programmes you can undergo based on your medical and financial requirements. For example, we offer different levels of inpatient care and an outpatient option for milder addictions. 

Detoxing alone will not provide a complete treatment for drug addiction in any of its forms, so ongoing rehabilitation and support is recommended. Drug addiction and withdrawal have psychological and physical effects that can be extremely distressing for clients and close family members.

Taking advantage of the expert guidance and support offered by Serenity Health can be a valuable tool in assisting the recovery process and ensuring the most comfortable detox period.

Many of our patients benefit from the psycho-therapeutic treatments and holistic therapies available at the Serenity Health retreat and to home-based clients, as they can help address issues of cravings and the changes that were made to the brain resulting from long term substance abuse.

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Follow Up Services

Recovery programmes group talking

Detox does help patients stop abusing drugs, but follow-up care and therapies are also important to reduce risks of relapse.

Most often, drug relapse occurs because a patient doesn’t have someone to talk to before using again. To ensure you have someone to talk to, we will put in place a support network. 

Serenity Health provides a variety of detox treatment follow-up services that can be geared to best meet the needs of individual clients. 

We can support you with therapeutic interventions or peer support that is designed to ensure you remain free of your drug dependency once the vital drug detox period is complete.

If you need support with your substance misuse problems, take the time to call us today. The knowledgeable team of advisers at Serenity Health offer free advice on drug detox issues and many of our advisers have been through similar experiences, so have in-depth personal knowledge of the issues faced in drug addiction.

Our simple phone assessment will identify ways in which we can assist you, while also helping you acquire a better understanding of the issues you face and how you can move forward.

When you are ready for the next step, we will refer you to a drug detox center that can help.

Detox Support

Once you have decided to take advantage of our services, we will be with you every step of the way as you learn to lead a drug-free life.

The initial few days of drug detox can be severe and intense for many people, depending on the drug addiction and the levels of drugs that have been taken.

Some drugs have more severe withdrawal symptoms than others. For example, heroin withdrawal is worse than cannabis withdrawal. 

Regardless of the type of drug you are addicted to, you must be in a safe, nurturing detox environment. We will prescribe detox drugs to help but these will only take the edge off. 

Medical specialists and support workers at our retreat are constantly available throughout this period to ensure an effective support mechanism is in place. Clients who opt for our home-based drug detox service will benefit from access to our 24/7 helpline for advice and support.

On arrival at the retreat, our guests have a medical assessment from a specialist practitioner, and this is followed up with an assessment by a GP, who will be a specialist in drug detox treatments.

A comprehensive care plan will be created, and this will be personalised to meet the needs of every guest staying at our retreat. 

Home-based clients will receive a visit from a specialist clinician within 48 hours of opting for the service and medications will be prescribed to suit needs. Home-based clients then receive regular visits from our team of nursing staff and support workers.

Drug detox at our retreat

Hand Massage

We don’t believe in throwing you in a locked room with nothing but withdrawal medication. 

At our drug retreats, you will get a comfortable private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. 

Facilities in our clinics include a games room and reading areas. We host movie nights, daily walks and offer access to a personal trainer.

Our retreat provides the warm and welcoming environment essential to ensure a comfortable stay and successful drug detox. 

Your drug detox process will be constantly monitored by the team of medical specialists and support workers on hand throughout the day and night, so you can rest assured that any symptoms can be addressed with immediate effect.

Your initial telephone consultation and our medical assessment will determine the length of time required for your drug detox, as this can vary between individuals and is based on the amounts of drugs used and the duration of the addiction. Any other dependencies or health issues are also taken into consideration at the time of assessment.

Initially, you will be issued with a care plan that’s tailored to meet your individual needs. A counsellor will work with you on a one-to-one basis and the daily schedule of events includes

  • group therapies or one-to-one sessions to explore reasons for your addiction
  • talks and workshops
  • relaxation and stress management techniques
  • acupuncture
  • advice on health and nutrition

You will also be encouraged to undertake therapeutic duties and complete a range of written assignments throughout your stay.

Family days are a regular feature of any stay at our retreat and provide opportunities for family members to learn more about addiction and the impacts of drug addiction. This type of education helps rebuild relationships that have suffered as a result of ongoing addiction issues, and it provides the support needed by partners and close family members.

The drug addiction treatment programme we provide covers all aspects surrounding the effects of addiction and how it impacts family, friends and society as a whole.

Our drug detox services are designed to strengthen clients physically and mentally, so they can resume life in a way best suited to needs and social requirements. Sustained abstinence from drugs very often requires continued support, alongside a long term commitment to remaining drug-free.

We provide risk management, relapse prevention support and aftercare throughout our residential programme and upon completion of the programme.

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Home drug detox

Woman looking out in deep thought

Serenity Health does provide a home drug detox service that is fully supervised by medical professionals. 

Our home drug detox service can be an excellent and very affordable alternative to residential treatment, for individuals who prefer to stay in their own homes.

We offer free advice on the best forms of detox treatment, once we’ve conducted a thorough assessment of your situation and requirements. It can be possible to register for our home drug detox services without any necessity to advise your GP or other medical professionals.

Home drug detox can be set up within just a couple of days of any initial consultation with our telephone advisers, and a specialist doctor will call out to your home to carry out a thorough medical examination and prescribe suitable medications to assist you through the detox period.

The prescribed medications will include strong sedatives and sleeping pills, so your body can adjust gradually to withdrawal symptoms. Our medical treatment avoids risks of sudden seizures or fits, and the uncomfortable symptoms caused by sudden withdrawal from drugs.

Our initial doctor’s visit will be followed up by regular visits from our team of nurses and 24/7 urgent telephone support is available via our helpline. When the detox is complete, customers benefit from the support of a trained therapist for one month.

This support helps enable customers to become accustomed to living a drug-free life and continue living a life that’s free from addiction. Clients using our home drug detox service can be assured of confidentiality and will have the ability to continue with their normal daily lives.

Ongoing therapy can be continued as clients move into the rehabilitation stages and coaching services can also be provided to family members and friends to provide education and help ensure our customers continue receiving the best available support.

Weekly relapse prevention and extended care support are available on an ongoing basis, alongside daily home-based recovery therapy via our telephone helpline. Some of our available therapies and treatments provided by trained addiction therapy workers include:

  • abstinence recovery programmes
  • coping strategies
  • peer support
  • family support programmes
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • teaching and coaching methodology
  • person-centric counselling

You will continue to receive high-quality drug detox services from our experienced team after completing a home detox as part of our aftercare service.