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Drug Rehab

At Serenity Drug Rehab Centre, we have helped thousands of families deal with drug addiction and other related problems such as alcohol addiction. We understand the situation, because we’ve been there. And we can help you to turn this situation around.

We are a well-established private residential rehabilitation centre of healthcare excellence providing treatment services for a wide range of issues relating to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol and drug rehab. If life-long sobriety and freedom from drug addiction is your goal then an inpatient drug rehab program is the best choice. It’s necessary to enter an inpatient drug rehabilitation centre for full detox and withdrawal.

You’ll also spend time learning new tools and skills that will help you when you return home. You’ll be able to re-enter society and lead a productive, accomplished and drug free life.

We know what you’re going through as we have been there ourselves!

All our counsellors have completed a drug and/or alcohol program and they are committed to helping others find a successful alcohol or drug detox centre that works for you.

Serenity Drug Rehab UK offers perfect sanctuary and an excellent place for recovery for those people wishing to confront their drug addiction issues. Professional counselors based in drug rehabs often find there is a fundamental misconception in the community about the dynamics of helping an individual through addiction. It is often assumed that it is merely a matter of keeping the addict away from drugs for long enough and, if they are willing to overcome their demons, they can return to their previous life. Unfortunately, in the majority of acute cases there are other factors other than the drug itself which has to be taken into account in order for rehabilitation to have a positive effect.

A Drug Rehabilitation Clinic creates a new environment for the patient

People addicted to drugs or alcohol will have taken on much more than the drugs themselves – if the problem is really acute it is highly likely that the environment they are living within is a drug culture. In this environment drugs can be seen as currency –just part of normal every day life. It is an environment where drugs are God and they are always the final goal. They are taken habitually and as a matter of routine. To decide not to take drugs would often be seen as unconventional to friends of the addict. Temptation for the individual trying to come off drugs in this kind of arena would be almost virtually impossible.

Our residential drug rehabilitation centres in UK offer tailor-made addiction recovery programs, helping clients turn sober in a smooth, painless way. Our drug addiction rehab program focuses on holistic healing therapies which are used to help an addict to get through one of the most difficult phases in their life.


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