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Drug Detox

We understand your drug withdrawal

Deciding to seek help or advice about your drug problem and drug withdrawal can seem like a big decision at the time. At the Serenity Health our specialist staff are highly trained and experienced in dealing with drug withdrawal. Contacting our staff could be one of the best decisions you make. Our quick and easy telephone assessment will give you an understanding of what help we can offer but also give us a better understanding of your problem. Our team is not only highly trained but crucially they have personal experience with drug addiction and we believe this is vital in understanding what you are going through.

About our Drug Detox

If you decide that our drug detox treatment is the right step for you the next process is coming to our retreat. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our friendly support staff before being medically assessed by one of our specialist practitioners . We also insist on you seeing one of our specialist General Practitioners so you can be sure that your drug detox will be fully managed by our medical team to ease your drug withdrawal.

At the Serenity Health our drug detox clinic is monitored around the clock by our team of specialist and support workers so you can rest assured that your drug withdrawal will be as comfortable as possible. During the day we have specialised therapists who are there to support you and explore the reasons behind your drug use. We believe that this kind of work will help not only us but mainly you to understand your drug addiction but will help with your drug withdrawal.  We offer a range of medications that have been specifically designed to assist with drug detox and our team will be on hand to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

What medication will be used for drug withdrawal

At Serenity Health we believe that a simple approach to detox is the best. This also helps avoiding cross addiction issues.

If you have been using Methadone before you admission we will slowly reduce this over a set time period depending on your current usage. The same rule applies if you were using Buprenorphine or Benzodiazepines.

If you are using Heroin or other Opiates before admission we would use a medication called Lofexidine and again this would be reduced over a set time period dependent on your current usage.

Further to the above medication we believe it is vital that your detox drug is as comfortable as possible and do offer other medications based on your withdrawal symptoms. These medications will reduce feelings of anxiety or pain without over sedating you.

The Serenity Health has been involved with treating drug addiction for many years and worked with many different methods of detox drug. We feel the process we now offer is simple, pain free and as easy as possible.


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