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Alcohol Detox

We Understand Your alcohol withdrawal

When you call Serenity Health to make enquiries in relation to alcohol detox clinics in UK, you will be happy to hear a friendly and understanding voice at the other end the phone. All of our staff has had personal experience with alcohol withdrawal and as such hold a real understanding of what you are going through. During your call we will carry out a quick and easy assessment in order to ensure we understand what steps would be best suited to your individual needs. This also gives us the opportunity to give you some advice on alcohol detox and what you can expect from this alcohol withdrawal treatment.

About Our Alcohol Detox Clinics UK

If you choose to carry out your alcohol detox in UK with Serenity Health you will be welcomed by our friendly support staff upon arrival. You will then be medically admitted in our centre by one our specialist General Practitioners for the process of alcohol withdrawal.

Our alcohol detox retreat is staffed around the clock by specialists, support workers and highly experienced therapists during your stay. Our team of therapists and support staff are on hand to help you determine and understand more about your alcohol problems and also to support you fully during your alcohol detox. Sessions with our staff will help you gain awareness and a better understanding of alcohol withdrawal and addiction and the best ways of tackling this in the long term.

As soon as you arrive at Serenity Health your alcohol detox will commence. Our specialist team of specialists will work with you to treat your alcohol withdrawal symptoms with a range of medications that are specifically designed to ease your symptoms and ultimately make your alcohol detox as comfortable as possible.

What medication will be used for alcohol withdrawal

At Serenity Health we use a medication known as Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) when treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This medication is used widely throughout the industry as it is safe and effective. We also supplement this with a healthy varied diet and high potency vitamins to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.

We have been using Libruim for the purposes alcohol detox for many years as it has proven safe, pain free and comfortable for the patient receiving the medication.

When an alcoholic stops drinking, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin up to 48 hours after the last drink. These symptoms vary greatly for each individual from excessive sweating and shaking right through to more serious reactions such as hallucinations and seizures.

Librium is known to reduce and even entirely remove the alcohol withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox.

If you are looking for alcohol detox clinics in UK or internationally, we can help. Serenity Healthcare is a leader in this filed and can provide in-depth treatment plans. Call our experts at 0800 118 2892 for instant help.


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