Addiction Treatment


At Serenity Health, we offer a unique model of treatment for addiction. We believe addiction to be an illness and our drug and alcohol detox programmes are carried out in a calm and relaxing environment. Each treatment programme is individually tailored to each client and aims to treat the causes as well as the symptoms of addiction. Therefore, there is a heavy emphasis on the reduction of stress and developing techniques to help the client cope with stress in the long term. All of our treatment is carried out by fully qualified and trained medical staff to ensure the highest level of care. Our care is available 24 hours a day to ensure that all needs are met efficiently and in sensitively.

Treatment Methods

We provide a range of medical treatments, all of which are supervised by our in-house psychiatrist and our dedicated team of highly skilled staff. All of our clients are assessed prior to admission and a full assessment is given on arrival to develop a personalised recovery programme which the client can agree to. Once a treatment plan has been agreed, clients are required to regularly discuss their progress with our staff. Some of our treatment services include:


Drug and alcohol detox programme to rid the body of any trace of the substance. This is carefully supervised by our expert staff to ensure a relaxing and safe environment.

12 Step Minnesota Model

This non-medical treatment incorporates spiritual principles and applies them to daily life in a relevant way. The 12 step programme focuses on denial, getting through early stages of life without drugs and not being able to manage in life. This model also offers on-going support through group meetings which are held all over the UK.


Various methods of psychotherapy are undertaken to promote recovery from addiction, including Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT). This helps to remove the client from the guilt, shame and embarrassment of addiction.

Support work

Key Support Workers are assigned to each client to assist with any of their needs and help them to understand all aspects of the programme. This helps to keep stress down to a minimum during the course of recovery.

Group work

Whilst each client has an individualised plan, many of the delivered sessions will come in the form of group presentations and discussions.

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