What People Say...

Lizzy from Banbury
"I was only running on 20% of the real me, before my treatment with serenity in Oxfordshire, I was a very vulnerable angry hurt woman. Serenity helped me become more confident in everything I do I am now a strong person and actually helping others! Been sober for 6 years now thanks to the team! Best choice I could ever had made"
Rehab Patient
Cathrine from Sussex
"Free! Free! That what I am. All to a simple program learnt at Serenity. The trauma abuse, I thought I would never get out this never ending cycle of wanting to die, want live, stop using drugs, using drugs. I went in first just for the detox from coke crack Valium. Then saw how deep the trauma was. The therapeutic team convinced my to stay and do the full program. I was one of there first patients. Now thank the universe 14 year happy joy and again free. I visit back regular to the clinic. I help share my experience and strength"
Rehab Patient
Terry from London
"Spent 3 weeks in a clinic in Leicestershire, for alcohol. I was terrified before hand but thanks to my girlfriend she pushed me to do what’s right! When I got to the clinic the people, Atmosphere everything about it I just felt safe and at home. 6 months clean from alcohol addiction and still get check ups amazing experience!"
Rehab Patient
Jasmin from London
"Thanks to serenity, they have helped me get back on my feet! Continue to run my business which since my treatment has excelled. I had a problem relationship with alcohol and my 28 day stay with serenity in London I’ve learned so much about my self, life and how to cope and be happy I’m alive. Before I was on the verge of loosing my business, wife, two daughters. After two years I feel unstoppable."
Rehab Patient
Ross from Liverpool
"Thanks Chris, the cocktail of prescription drugs I was on, was much more than I thought I could ever stop! My mind would tell me lies and the denial around it. Yes, you were tough on me in our one to one sessions. I see the truth now. Life on life’s terms. All is great now. The 4 weeks I spent with you and the team opened me up to be who I am today. Greatest thanks ever! And the continued aftercare for life long recovery. Life’s amazing now :)"
Rehab Patient
Michael from Scarborough
"Ex British forces, messed up everything, self destructed on alcohol. homeless until family helped into rehab at Nottingham called serenity. found drink was never the problem, PTSD. with lots of time care and love. got control of my life back. greatest thanks to the team that worked on so many underline issues and so much support after. I work for a security firm, high profile. life is as good as it could ever get."
Rehab Patient

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