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George Knight

Managing Director

Hi, my name is George Knight and I’m 24 years old. I have started Steps in 2018 and joined to work alongside with Serenity Health group, for the distinctive purpose to help all kinds of  people that suffer with a diverse number of different addictions and various mental health problems. 
I have built and constructed Steps because of my past. I have experienced and observed what addition can do to family and friends. I’ve seen it destroy and change lives.  I wanted and needed to see a turn for the better. I felt that I could do something above and beyond that would help them, also many other people that are in the same helpless position as me seeing loved ones struggle.
 I studied at LHAA ,I have achieved my NVQ level 2 and 3 in 2016. I’ve been on various private courses for business studies throughout the years that have taught me about management, leadership and decision-making, team work, marketing, operational, customer care, financial and human resources. For the following years to come I’m looking into studying more about mental health, such as; Phycology, Mental Health and Substance Use, Health and Social Care.
Over the years I have gained some trust worthy staff in different departments that are as motivated to help as much as I am! They’ve all broke their backs to provide the best and individualized care for all persons. Since 2018, Steps/Serenity has helped over hundreds of people! With all their compassion and humanitarianism, our company is number one in the UK for home detox! Steps has also gained some wonderful and trustworthy relationships with other clinics, medical professionals, as well charity’s and organisations to further assist and provide treatments in diverse ways.
Moreover, I developed a small but still growing logistics business that has corresponded with steps/ Serenity. We’ve assisted Steps with delivering medication to clients all across the UK and hopefully it grows to be worldwide. Especially during these hard times with Covid-19, where some have been isolated for months on end and wouldn’t been able to get the treatment they need and deserve.

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