The Sinclair Method For Treating Alcohol Dependence

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One of the most commonly accepted facts about alcoholism and addiction is that you can’t take an alcoholic and turn them back into a regular drinker.

To overcome alcohol addiction entirely, you need to stop drinking for good, right?

While this is the case the vast majority of the time and is generally what we advise, there is actually one method of treating alcohol dependency that requires occasional drinking – and that may be incredible news for people with extreme cases of addiction who have failed to quit drinking even after several attempts with professional help.

This treatment technique is known as the Sinclair method.

If you are suffering with alcohol addiction, contact us to see how we can help you. Rehab or detoxing are usually the most recommended action.

What is the Sinclair Method?

Sinclair Method

There are two main drugs that can be used with the Sinclair method – Naltrexone and Nalmefene can both be used as they prevent the feeling of “pleasure” experienced by alcoholics when drinking.

These drugs are both opioid antagonists, but Naltrexone has been in use longer and is by far the most common medication for use with the Sinclair method.

When we drink, take drugs, exercise, have sex, or anything else that gives a pleasurable feeling, endorphins are released in our head and then absorbed by receptors in the brain, causing those rewarding feelings that can make us want to make habits of these behaviours.

Naltrexone attaches to these receptors but doesn’t fit correctly, blocking the receptor from receiving any further endorphins, and therefore preventing this feeling of pleasure.

When Naltrexone is taken an hour before a person drinks or uses drugs, they will still feel drunk/high and get all of the usual results they get of drinking or using, but without any of the positive, rewarding feeling that usually causes addictive behaviour.

The Sinclair method needs to be undertaken under the full supervision of medical professionals since taking Naltrexone at the wrong time can lead to the loss of interest in other behaviours that release endorphins including eating, exercise and more which can cause other problems.

The interesting thing about the Sinclair method is that you need to drink regularly (in moderation) for it to work – each time you drink and don’t receive any pleasurable feeling from it, you turn off drinking slightly and become less addicted. Taking Naltrexone without drinking cannot have this effect and such serves no purpose when it comes to overcoming alcohol dependency.

Because of this fact, the Sinclair method is generally not recommended for people with severe symptoms or diseases caused by drinking – heart disease or wet brain for example – as continuing to drink even small amounts can cause serious issues or even death in these cases.

Because of this, many doctors and health insurance companies will hesitate to recommend this treatment, but in specific cases, it can be incredibly effective, for example, if somebody has already failed to abstain from alcohol several times and is unable, but doesn’t have any health issues that could become dangerous with continued drinking.

In a case like this, the Sinclair method can remove the addiction to drinking while allowing the person to continue to drink socially if necessary.

The Sinclair Method Reviews & Research Results

You might be surprised to learn that, with the above caveats in mind, the Sinclair method is incredibly effective, and research shows that 78% of patients treated with it achieve a successful outcome.

The method has also been incredibly successful in developing countries where access to traditional rehabilitation clinics and detoxification facilities are limited.

Results experienced by both medical professionals and patients are overwhelmingly positive with a relatively large group of people claiming the Sinclair method saved their lives (usually people who had already failed at abstinence-based methods of quitting).

The Sinclair Method – Stories

One of the most famous stories of success with the Sinclair method is that of Claudia Christian, famous TV actress and star of Babylon 5.

As an alcoholic with addiction on both sides of her family, Claudia had a serious, almost unshakeable case of alcohol dependency.

Claudia went to rehab in two different countries and tried hypnotherapy, AA meetings, veganism, CBT and basically every other type of potential treatment that got recommended to her.

After years of failure and over 20 relapses, Claudia heard about the Sinclair method and took it into action.

Claudia is now not only sober and healthy but is so convinced that the Sinclair method saved her life that she has written a book on the topic and travels the world giving talks on it.

One of these talks is in full below, so feel free to take a look:

How to Order the Sinclair Method

Here at Serenity Centres, we spend a lot of time studying the most effective treatments and keeping up to date.

Most rehab clinics are content to use by-the-book, decades-old treatment methods (after all, why change a profitable treatment plan for a shorter, cheaper one?), and while we still use the older methods that are proven to work, we keep an eye to the future at all times.

This makes us one of a very small group of rehabilitation clinics that provide the Sinclair method in the UK.

If you believe you may have an addiction to alcohol, the best step you can possibly take is to give us a call on 0800 118 2892.

Our friendly, expert staff are waiting to discuss your issues and can discuss which treatment methods may be best for you, including detoxing from home, attending a rehabilitation clinic for 24/7 supervised treatment, the Sinclair method, or any of the other methods we have available.

Check out our locations to see if we have a clinic near you, but be sure to give us a call regardless because if not, we can still advise you on the best treatment options near you.

You may have tried to get help several times already and believe that overcoming alcoholism is hopeless.

You may even have been told that the only way to overcome alcohol addiction is complete abstinence and the acceptance that another drop will never be able to touch your lips.

The main thing we hope you take from this article is that no matter what you’ve tried, there is always another way, and we have the knowledge and resources to put them into action and help you regain control of your life – for good.

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