Home Detox Service Agreement

The information below highlights and defines our various terms of business which are laid out by Serenity Addiction Centres for use of our Home Detox services. It’s necessary that all clients confirm they have read these terms and conditions and understood them. After the agreement, Serenity Addiction Centres will then commit to delivering against these terms and will strive to meet all the obligations which are discussed in further detail below.

About Us

Serenity Addiction Centres, the service provider, offer a Home Detox Programme. The terms associated with our business apply in the contractual obligation to our provider/client service agreement, which you will have agreed to in writing. Henceforth this will, therefore, be referred to as “your agreement”.

The consent you have provided will countermand any previous agreements you may have entered into with our business for your current choice or service, or any other services we offer. This contains every term that is relevant and agreed upon by default.

The standard fees: what services are included

The Serenity Addiction Centres team will provide a telephone-based treatment and recovery plan and programme in this scenario. As from now, in this agreement, we will refer to ourselves as “the provider”, to make things clear. We will phone you as our client on a schedule that has been defined and regulated. This is likely to be based on a minimum of one phone call a day. You will be provided with a free-phone telephone number as part of your programme. This will give you the ability to call us when necessary to obtain support and help.

Each individual that you speak with on our support line will be both experienced and adequately qualified. This is to ensure they will be able to assist, guide and support you in each step of your recovery programme against addiction.

Our team guarantees to maintain your right to total confidentiality and anonymity as part of the service. The exception to this is an instance where you or another individual is at risk of serious harm, or where the law forces us to share specific data to protect you or another person. However, at all times, we commit to acting with complete integrity and discretion, with the welfare of our clients at the centre of all that we do.

If you would like further information about our service, then visit our website: www.rehabclinic.org.uk

The use of our addiction recovery service

Our addiction support and recovery programme is telephone based and delivered by a group of individuals who are highly trained and skilled. They will provide a tailored and comprehensive support programme via phone calls. Included in this programme is useful materials that will offer guidance and aid clients to help abstain and prevent them from addictive behaviours and the outcomes of addiction. We aim to work with you to reach sobriety and then to help you achieve this sober status on a daily basis in the future.

Programme delivery timescales

Each programme is delivered on a flexible timescale. Clients are not compelled and should feel no pressure to reach each recovery stage within a specific time period. Clients are invited to work through the recovery programme stages at a pace that suits them. Serenity Addiction Centres cannot guarantee the success of the recovery programme. A successful outcome will be down to the client and their desire and willingness to succeed with our support. We try to do everything we can from a professional stance to help a client recover. We aim to work in partnership to guide a successful result.

Client data

In order to successfully deliver our telephone support programme, it’s imperative we have the contact details of each client, including a valid telephone number. If there are changes to this data, it’s up to the client to inform Serenity Addiction Centres during the period of the agreement. If they fail to inform, then we reserve the right to end the programme.

Legal requirements

For compliance, all clients must abide by UK law and avoid any actions which would impact negatively on the delivery of service.


Serenity Addiction Centres requires all clients to follow policies that have been issued in regards to the use of the service.

The service delivery agreement

If for any reason, Serenity Addiction Centres is prevented from delivering the agreed upon service within the previously agreed timeframe, the company does not bare any liability to the client for loss or damages. However, the client may choose to cancel their service agreement without a penalty. Serenity Addiction Centres also offers no guarantees over the success of the programme, so can therefore not take any responsibility if the programme is not successful for a client. If a client does relapse, Serenity Addiction Centres cannot be held liable or responsible for any losses or damages that are incurred by the client or any associated parties.

Cooling off period

You are guaranteed certain statutory rights in regards to consumer law. Serenity Addiction Centres observes the cooling off period rights. If a client decides to cancel the service agreement prior to the commencement of their programme, then they will receive a 100% money-back refund. However, if the programme has begun, no refund will be given for medical treatment or counselling that has been offered. This is in place to keep the client financially committed in fulfilling hi/her treatment


Serenity Addiction Centres maintains no liability for any loss if we’re unable to deliver the programme as a result of mechanical breakdown, strikes, or staff failure. This is unless we have been negligent, or seek to deliberately create these conditions. We cannot take liability for service delivery failure until a client has informed us of the occurrence and offers a reasonable amount of time for us to deal with the situation in question. No responsibility will be taken by us for connectivity or telecommunication issues which could affect your ability to receive the programme/treatment.

The agreement nature

This agreement consists of the delivery of addiction treatment and a recovery service via the telephone remotely. Each client thereby enters into a personal agreement that is non-transferable. If required, however, we can transfer the benefit offered or obligations under your agreement as deemed appropriate by Serenity Addiction Centres.

Contract start date

The date of the contract will begin when the client makes the first payment due under the programme regulations.

Concluding the programme

The agreement will finish on the date agreed in the contract unless the company and the client agree that the date of conclusion should be changed. The agreement can be concluded at any point with a two week notice period provided to Serenity Addiction Centres. Any cancellations cannot be backdated, and no refunds can be offered for any treatment that has been completed.

Immediate termination of the contract

We reserve the right to terminate your agreement immediately under certain circumstances. This could involve when we believe a client can’t pay their fees, or if the client has breached any contractual obligations which can’t be remedied within a 14 day period from notice of ourselves. In addition to this, if the client has conducted unreasonable behaviour, including the threat of violence, or verbal abuse towards staff, then we have the right to terminate the agreement immediately.

In this case, the client will still remain obligated to pay for all the services they have already undertaken, plus a standard fee that will cover the remaining time frame lost that the programme expected to run before termination occurred. This can be extended by up to two weeks and the company does not take any responsibility for any costs or losses that occur as a result of unseen termination.

If the client decides to default against the agreement, then the entire balance owed to Serenity Addiction Centres needs to be paid immediately.

Where service downtime occurs

It’s highly unlikely that we would be unable to deliver the treatment programme that has been defined. However, in exceptional circumstances where this does occur, the agreement would terminate immediately and the client would only need to pay any fees that had been agreed up until this point, including the cost of any additional treatment or recovery services undertaken. If this did occur, Serenity Addiction Centres would do their best to find another professional organisation or advisor to undertake the service delivery if necessary.


Do note that any formal notices can be provided via phone call, where a recording system is present, or alternatively in writing.

In confidence

Each term of the client’s agreement is confidential. Neither the client nor Serenity Addiction Centres can disclose details without the consent of the other party. The only exception is if the law dictates it. This confidentiality continues even after the termination of an agreement. We take all the required legal steps to recover any fees that are unpaid. If this is the case, confidential data would need to be shared with our legal team alongside the extent and nature of the contract. If a service agreement breach occurs, Serenity Addiction Centres has the right to share the details required to third party organisations, such as financial institutions. This is in order to complete the natural legal recovery process for any fees that have not been paid.

Detox recovery services

We will organise detox recovery services for clients through suitable agency appointments. Medical staff will be given instructions privately and the appropriate risk assessment will be carried out as part of the initial consultation via a phone call to determine whether a client is suitable for a home detox service. Clients are obliged to receive an assessment with a professional therapist via an interview. This and any other services will be chargeable to the client at a defined rate given at the time of the appointment. This is regardless of whether detox medication is prescribed or not.

If the client’s medical history demands, in some cases, our medical officers may decide that a client isn’t suitable for a home detox programme due to wellbeing grounds. All costs associated with the programme can be found via our website. If you wish to not share the details of your programme with your GP, we can respect this request. However, we will require that a client signs a medical indemnity form before we commence treatment.

Medical officers may ask the client to stop the use of some medications during the detox. However, if a medical emergency occurs during the detox process, a client must be able to access treatment via the NHS or have appropriate, alternative medical insurance.

Our undertaking

In order to commit to our home based detox programme, each client must:

Abstain from consuming drugs or alcohol from day one of the detox and from this point onwards.

Make us and our agents aware about any medication that may have been prescribed or currently being taken.

Allow full permission for us to contact a GP when necessary.

Consult with their own GP about treatment plans.

Fully cooperate with the programme and take on board all advice given.

Avoid operating machinery or driving to work whilst the detox occurs.

Ensure there is a suitable adult appointed who is responsible and able to monitor your treatment progress.

Stay in contact via a phone call to track progress by using our 24/7 Freephone number.

Failure to adhere to these terms will result in the right of Serenity Addiction Centres to terminate the agreement immediately.


Programme fees are payable in advance for standard services and medical treatment. Where additional services are undertaken, they need to be paid for prior to the start of the service.

It is required for all payments to be carried out via card, check, cash or direct debit. Serenity Addiction Centres does not provide credit for individuals. This is only extended to companies upon request and is subject to status and assessment.

Withholding our service

Serenity Addiction Centres reserves the right to withhold our detox services at any time. This includes the 24/7 advice line. This happens if clients have outstanding fees, or they have breached their contract agreement.

Indemnity forms

If a client doesn’t want their GP or medical practitioner to know about this treatment, they must confirm this in writing. This protects Serenity Addiction Centres against any implied consequences of a failure to inform.