Dangers of Cravings

Beating the addiction is just one part of the process of getting clean. To achieve long term sobriety, one needs to be aware of how to best deal with cravings.

Below are some of the most common cravings that an addict faces long after the initial detox and addiction.

The Ten Most Common Dangers of Craving
  1. Being in the presence of drugs/alcohol or places you used to use in.
  2. Negative feelings, particularly anger, sadness, loneliness, guilt, fear and anxiety.
  3. Positive feelings that make you want to celebrate.
  4. Boredom.
  5. Getting high on any chemical.
  6. Physical pain.
  7. Listening to euphoric or war stories or just dwelling on getting high.
  8. Suddenly having a lot of cash.
  9. Believing that you’re cured.
  10. Peer pressure or group pressure.