Prescription Drugs Addiction: Cira's Story

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We received a call from a family member concern that their daughter Cira was addicted to prescription drugs. We spoke at length as she did really want help. After a number of telephone calls, she agreed to speak to our lead therapist and interventionist Chris.

During this lengthy call, it transpired that Cira had nowhere to turn and she was very scared of her addiction to prescription drugs. She was looking at entering prescription drugs rehab, in her case it was codeine based painkillers that she started taking for a back injury 3 years prior.

We assessed and worked out that Cira had addictive tendencies throughout her life, this was apparent due to her emotions, she was very uncomfortable about her feelings around herself and the relationships around her including parents, family friends and boyfriend. She found that because of her loss of work, due to her back issues, she isolated at home and became even scared of exiting the house. This is quite normal for people with addiction issues.

Taking The First Steps To Recovery

The first point was to arrest the use of codeine in the prescription drugs rehab, she was on a high amount, she agreed to come into our rehab clinic in London for a 4-week programme.

First of all we need to arrest the substances in her body, with help with our doctor we began a comfortable reducing regime. Also sleeping tablets for the first four nights as her patterns were all over the place.

Cira settled in and after our comprehensive assessment she spoke about how safe she felt here and away from people that enabled her addiction. With our care plan we moved forward with her objectives.

The first week on the objective to reduce and abstain from the substance, and to understand how powerless she was over her addiction. Using techniques like relaxing, meditation to help quieten her mind and gentle yoga as she was very tense. Cira took lots of information on board to better understand the disease of addiction.

Breaking Down Addiction-Forming Psychology

Week two was working with her to break down the denial of not just her addiction, but the thought processes in her trying to control the world around her so she felt safe. Her care plan for this week was starting to unravel some of the underlying issues to her prescription drugs issue here at the London rehab clinic.

Week three consisted of 1-to-1 and group therapy, going deeper into the past traumas that were blocking her. It became clear that these learnt behaviours from childhood were not serving her. Abandonment and rejection, this same script was taken from her childhood life and replayed in adulthood expecting different outcomes.

In Cira’s case, it was her self-destruction patterns. In a way, searching for the love she did not get from a child due to one of her parents not being able to be there for her as a child.

Week four was focused on closing up at the prescription drugs rehab, relapse prevention, organising and her recognising change that needed to happen, this was to ensure her safety once out.

Cira left our care free from her addiction and a year on she has maintained a prescription drug-free life.


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