Alcohol Addiction: Alan's Story

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Alcohol can be an easily hidden problem, and alcohol addiction is something we’re seeing more and more requests for help with. Our alcohol detox programmes are professionally managed in our exclusive facilities, and help our clients escape from the grip of alcohol, putting the individual needs of the patient at the heart of their recovery plan.

One person who can speak about this with expertise is Alan, who came to Serenity Addiction Centres on the recommendation of his GP. By his own admission, Alan’s alcohol problem was a longstanding one.

Alan’s problems started when he was at school, when his shyness made him the victim of bullying. This set in motion a series of problems with self-confidence and identity, which followed him into adulthood. The only way to escape the problems seemed to be through drinking, which blocked out how he was feeling.

With his alcohol intake increasing, Alan went to see his GP, and it was his GP who suggested Serenity Addiction Centre’s alcohol rehab programme. Alan initially found the idea of rehab clinics intimidating, but he visited Serenity Addiction Centres for himself and was pleasantly surprised by what he saw – he describes it as “A truly welcoming atmosphere.”

First Steps To Recovery

The volunteer who showed Alan around recognised how much courage it had taken for Alan to make the first step towards treating his drinking, and the doctors and clients at Serenity Addiction Centres gave him the reassurance he needed that this was the right place for his recovery.

Doctors helped Alan to develop a detox regime which would work for him, and a start date which they were comfortable with. Alan booked his stay and returned home, knowing that this was the beginning of a new chapter.

The support continued from the minute Alan unpacked his bags for his stay at Serenity Addiction Centres. Everyone listened to him and shared their own experiences with alcohol. Learning to trust and share with others helped him learn why he’d started drinking so heavily, and how to address his triggers.

Before he even knew it, Alan had completed his detox. Not only did he have a healthier attitude to drinking, the experience had taught him more about himself, and how to avoid the triggers.

After Rehab

Support didn’t stop with the completion of Alan’s inpatient stay though. After the initial stay, Alan opted to continue his programme by attending day clinics, and he can’t praise those highly enough. He’d learned how to put down the drink – this helped him to keep it out of his life on a long-term basis.

In fact, Alan found the whole Serenity Addiction Centres programme so inspirational that he now volunteers as a mentor, helping others who are on their own detox journey. Full of confidence, he decided to give something back, and now works with people embarking on their journey away from alcohol, providing support and advice.

Alan’s story is by no means unique. He finished his alcohol detox programme full of pride in his achievement and has turned his life around. Healthier and happier, Alan is proof that with the right help, alcohol doesn’t need to be a problem anymore.


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