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Rehab Case Studies

Rehab clinic case studies are a. Ery useful tool to understand to rehabilitation process. It is a useful place to look at content for clients, potential or otherwise. It is also a great resource for trainees and other professionals in the field of addiction rehab.

Here we will explained and with consent of clients the whole start to finish process from initial call through to outcomes to months after while monitoring in aftercare.

We well explain the presented issue, admission and care plans. Care plans come come from the comprehensive assessment. This care plan is reviewed on a weekly basis. Clients will have a graduation on completion of treatment. This will involve exit plan, relapse prevention and aprassals

Each client is different in the presented problems and here with our care plans you can see each client is treated differently. This is upon each individual needs.

We invite you to meet some of the people who have benefited from addiction rehabilitation with us and to see how Serenity health could support you, your client / patient or your family.


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