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Getting help in Gloucestershire

We are providing our services for alcohol and drug addiction at Gloucestershire. For getting any kind of assistance contact us at 0117 3680311 with our admission team and become able to live a healthy life again. You can also contact us through our website by filling the contract form.

About our services

At Serenity Health Group, we are providing full range of treatments at national level for mental health issues. From past many years the Serenity Health Group make a bond with many rehab clinics in Gloucestershire. People who are getting treatment first time for their addiction may face the challenge of selecting a rehab clinic, you can select rehab clinic in Gloucestershire according to your own choice and needs.

Luckily you have the option of Serenity Health Group at your disposal. After contacting with our team at Serenity Health Group we will help you regarding admission and assessment at our Gloucestershire clinic. In this phase our team critically evaluates the condition and health of the patient.

We have a complete list of rehabilitation centers available in Gloucestershire for your convenience. In the first step we send the patient information after his approval to the most relevant rehab centre based on his condition.

We provide our services to all genders and to all kind of people irrespective of their social or economical position. We provide services to the worse addicted patients in our Gloucestershire clinic. You will be treated for the addiction of following: alcohol, heroine, and substance addiction.

Treatments you should expect

In the first step you will be assessed by a psychiatrist in our Gloucestershire rehab clinic. In this first step you will be analyzed based on your current condition and mental health. Our specialists examine your past history, so that they become aware of any acute mental health problem or any other disorder. After the initial assessment our specialists suggest the best course of medication and treatment so that you can suffer less number of withdrawal symptoms of detox.

Now your treatment will begin after initial assessment and detoxification. You will be provided frequent daily therapy in our Gloucestershire rehab centre. Our treatment therapies include behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and other holistic therapies.

Alcoholism and drug addiction can easily treat with these therapies. If these therapies are not given with utmost care it may cause relapse. If the treatment is provided in the best manner the risk of relapse minimize to zero level and the patient not face any issue even after returning to his home.

Time limited introductory offer

People take treatment from NHS for their problems related to alcohol and drug addictions. All of us at Serenity Health Group have opinion that NHS is a good institute and we should all feel proud of having it, but the fact is from last few years the performance of NHS fell down. The funding of the NHS is affected due to the Bureaucrats and politicians. They think that the funds of NHS should be allocated only to the people who are not responsible for their addiction. They believe that addict people are at fault, and this reasoning is not fair in any way.

Because of the above mentioned reasons of NHS, there is a rising trend of private rehabilitation centers. In private clinics the patients need to pay the fees from their own pockets or through medical insurance. When you pay from your own pocket, you carefully examine which treatment is best for you, which guarantee 100% recovery.

For considering all the facts we offer risk free services at all our Gloucestershire rehab centres, we offer to check our services. While you opt to review our services, you can check the effectiveness of our treatment yourself. After reviewing our therapies you can decide later about whether to take our services or not, now you can easily decide to invest on your treatment at a Gloucestershire rehab centre.

We are sure that this offer to review our therapies will increase your commitment to rehabilitation. But this offer is a limited time offer. For availing this useful offer you just need to contact us at 0800 118 2892 for your admission.

Getting help today

Gets a free brochure regarding our services in Gloucestershire rehab centre, you just need to contact us at our number 0800 118 2892 or you can also contact us through our website.

Providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Gloucestershire

Our private assessment centre in Gloucester is the perfect location for those looking to overcome alcohol or drug addiction. Our services include: – Drug detox – Prescription drug detox – Alcohol detox – Drug rehab – Alcohol rehab – Plus more …

A bit about our drug and alcohol detox and rehab services in Gloucestershire

Drug and alcohol addiction seems to affect more families than ever before. For some, they are personally suffering from such issues and have to experience the sense of helplessness this causes. For others, they have to stand by and watch someone they love go through the painful process of addiction. What’s worse is that there is still no clear and easy route to recovery for most sufferers in the UK. The normal thing that happens is that the sufferer is left on their own to try and craft their own path to recovery. However, with relapse an ever-present thought, this most often ends in failure. Finding assistance is the best way to help recover, but isn’t something that everyone can do. They might feel lost and isolated and are too scared to ask for help. Alternatively, they may think that they are able to conquer the addiction on their own. But, if we are being realistic, this most likely won’t work. Instead, it’s best to seek out a specialist drug and alcohol rehab centre.

How does our rehab centre in Gloucestershire work?

At Serenity Health, we offer complete drug and alcohol rehab services to patients all across the UK. Our Gloucestershire branch is incredibly popular and is a known location for helping patients to see actual results. The reason for this is that we care. We care about the individual behind the addiction and help to create a tailored recovery plan based on their very specific needs. Though each plan is unique, the process usually falls into three major steps. The first involves meeting with our specialist admissions counsellor who can get to know the patient better and fully assess their needs. If the addiction is already very severe and the patient requires immediate attention, then this step might be skipped. Stage two requires the patient to undergo a period of detox. This is a vital stage towards recovery as it allows the patient to start to flush the remaining drugs out of their system. This detox process can be extremely tough, but our team of nurses and doctors are there 100% of the time to help through the painful process of withdrawal. After detoxing, we begin with the most important stage of all: recovery. This comes in the form of therapy and counselling to help understand where the cause of the addiction lies. Then, we can craft strategies and plans to help conquer the addiction and put in place steps to help avoid future relapse.

Are there other recovery options available?

If you, or someone you love, is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, then it is up to you which process to take. Some sufferers attempt to conquer the addiction on their own, and there certainly are cases of success. However, the process of recovery is long, stressful, tiring and dangerous. By working with a specialist detox and rehab clinic in Gloucestershire like us, you set the way for the best chances of success. Complete alcohol and drug addiction help Call: 0800 118 2892 for Gloucester rehab services

About our Gloucestershire detox clinics

No matter which Gloucestershire rehab clinic you visit, you will need to undergo a period of detox. This is a vital stage of the recovery process and is necessary to help flush all remaining drugs or alcohol out of the patient’s system. You should be aware that detoxing is in no way a pleasant experience. It can also be dangerous if a patient does not have proper monitoring at all times. In particular, drug detox can be very hard to witness. It can be heightened if the patient has been addicted to drugs for a number of years and has been using more serious substances. As such, we always recommend that a detox is carried out in a proper detox clinic, such as at Serenity Health. We have a fully trained team of nurses and doctors on hand at all hours of the day to help monitor this difficult process.

How to know which drug rehab centre is right for you

Whenever you decide which Gloucestershire rehab clinic is best for you, you must make two key decisions. The first is whether or not you require outpatient or inpatient services. Inpatient services involve living in a dedicated centre all day. This allows staff to monitor your condition closely and to be on hand for the tough periods of both detox and recovery. Alternatively, an outpatient centre allows individuals to come and go and receive care at scheduled times of the day. Also, you will need to decide which sort of treatment you’d prefer. Our specialised admissions consultants can help you with this decision. We find that some patients naturally work better with things like group therapy, whereas others see faster results through holistic therapy.

How do you decide whether you require outpatient or inpatient drug treatment in Gloucestershire?

Deciding whether you will take inpatient or outpatient care is an important decision to make. Each offer very specific features and benefits and are best suited to certain individuals. If you are about to embark on your first ever treatment process and live in an environment that is not conducive to recovery, then an inpatient service might be best. This allows you to receive dedicated care at all hours of the day. The more affordable option is to visit an outpatient service which sees you only visiting the clinic on certain days and times. If you have a safe and loving home environment where people can monitor you, then this can work well. It is also used commonly by those embarking on their second or third round of treatment.

Private alcohol rehab centre benefits

By choosing to stay in a private alcohol rehab centre in Gloucestershire, you access a whole range of benefits. First off, the location itself is completely isolated from your old living environment which is crucial in helping to break away from the addiction. Secondly, you can receive round-the-clock care from specialist nurses and doctors. Finally, it is a popular choice for those looking to maintain privacy and to not raise too much attention to their addiction.

Who is alcohol and drug rehab in Gloucestershire available to?

Simply put, anyone who needs it. Drug and alcohol addiction affects all types of people and can leave an equally devastating effect on themselves and their families. At Serenity Health, we have made a commitment to provide specialist detox and rehab support to anyone suffering from addiction. Our doors are always open and we will help anyone brave enough to take the first steps towards recovery.

How do you get started with drug or alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire?

Taking the first step towards recovery is both easy and hard at the same time. It means making the decision to conquer addiction once and for all and admit you need help. Only once you have accepted this need for change can we truly help you to rebuild a fulfilling and happy life. But don’t worry, once you do, support is there. All you need to do is give us a call on 0117 3680311. There is someone there to take your call all year round. That’s 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Addiction doesn’t sleep, and neither does our team. We can help answer any of your questions and to explain to you more about our services. No matter what your addiction, Serenity Health is here to help.

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December 18, 2015


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