Private Rehab Clinics for Drug and Private Alcohol Rehab

Private Rehab ClinicsPrivate drug and alcohol rehab clinics are well known for their successful treatment in helping clients with addictions. Private drug & alcohol rehab clinics offer a range of treatments and facilities. Some private rehab clinics have state of the art treatment centres. Quite often, our rehabilitation centres across entire UK are located in quiet locations away from the city or town. Some private rehab clinics have their own gyms, private apartments, highly trained counselings staff and offer a range of treatment programmes. Some of our rehabilitation centres offer year long after care for clients which offer them help and support after the client has left the private rehab clinic.

Success Rates

Nearly all  our rehabilitation centres and clinics across UK have a higher success rate than Government ones in comparison. The private clinics offer treatment and rehabilitation programmes to deal with life issues as well as the alcohol or drug problem and teach a client how to live a different way of life.

Cost of Private Rehab Clinics

The cost of private rehab clinics can start from as little as £300 per week to the higher end of £10,000 to £20,000 per month. Cost shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor when choosing a private rehab centres though. The private rehab clinics that are less expensive can, more often than not, have a higher success rates than the more expensive private rehab clinic. It all depends on choice when deciding a private rehab centres – based on their facilities, location, treatment offered, length of programme etc. Private rehab centres tend to offer programmes from 4 weeks up to 3 months and can offer the client more exclusiveness where the private rehab clinic can focus more on the individual.

Private Alcohol Rehab Offers Help

Discover our drug and alcohol rehab clinic

Private alcohol RehabWhen you’re looking for the best rehab clinics, Alcohol rehab UK is home to Serenity Health, a leading national provider of private addiction services. Whether you are looking for drug or alcohol detox services in UK, we are here to help you. Our services are highly-regarded, professionally delivered and structured according to the world-famous Alcoholics Anonymous programme, which has helped hundreds of thousands of addicts across the world to successfully overcome their addiction and enjoy life once again. We can help you to turn your life around, with tailored detox and rehab programmes on offer at our drug rehab UK clinic. Contact us to find out more – we are here to offer free and confidential advice and information to help you to make that vital first step.

An addiction-free life beckons via our drug detox England clinics
Our clients at our drug rehab clinic and alcohol rehab UK work through the globally-recognised 12-step programme that was developed originally by Alcoholics Anonymous. It works for drug and alcohol detox alike and is highly effective, by guiding addicts to understand the thoughts, feelings and actions that drive their addictive behaviour. By understanding these driving factors, the individual learns techniques and skills to make better decisions, to remove themselves from dangerous situations, to think in new and more positive ways and to feel confident about enjoying a life free of addiction once again. The first step occurs when the client admits that she or he has an addiction that they have lost control of. This is a hugely powerful step that paves the way to recovery. When that recognition is made, the individual can work through the subsequent steps and towards their new life at our private drug rehab clinics.

The programme at our alcohol and drug detox UK clinics

Private Drug Rehab ClinicsAlongside the 12-step programme, we offer complementary therapies according to each client’s needs. There are no ‘right or wrong’ therapies, but every client has a tailored and structured programme that is designed to suit their needs. At our drug and alcohol rehab UK clinics we offer complementary therapies such as journaling, talk therapy, group therapy, equine therapy and accompanied offsite visits to put new life skills into action and to enjoy exercise.

Looking for private alcohol rehab clinics UK wide?

The Serenity Health private alcohol rehab Clinics

clinics is your first point of call for highly-regarded, effective and client-led treatments in a safe, supportive environment. Our team genuinely cares about every one of our clients and we work hard to give everyone the strongest possible chance of meaningful, long-term recovery. The first step is to get in touch and benefit from our free and confidential advice and information. We are here for you so please call to speak to a non-judgemental, understanding and helpful advisor for private alcohol rehab Gloucestershire. Family of an addict in the UK?

Drug and alcohol addictions are problems that affect more than the addict. Loved ones will be in pain and distress at seeing their friend or family member in the grips of an addiction, and we understand the frustration, pain and difficulty that these circumstances result in. We take urgent admissions where circumstances mean that the addict is at risk of serious illness or harm to themselves or others and we can advise on how this process works in a supportive and confidential way. We are here to help the wider family and to give support for private rehab clinics, reassurance and advice so that they are completely comfortable that their loved one will be entering into a programme that can lead to meaningful long-term addiction recovery and the chance to enjoy a positive, rewarding and happy life once again.

The trusted experts at our private rehab clinic

The team of experts at our private drug  rehab clinics and private alcohol rehab clinic in the UK are highly qualified, experienced and skilled in their field. We have doctors, counsellors, complementary and alternative therapists, psychologists and other specialists on the team, all of whom have worked through the Serenity Health detox and rehab programmes themselves to understand the experiences that our clients will go through. We are passionate about what we do, highly dedicated and extremely committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients at our uk rehab clinics. Every client receives a structured programme that is entirely designed around his or her unique needs and we have been audited and approved by the Care Quality Commission as a mark of our quality.

Contact our private drug rehab clinics helpline private alcohol rehab clinics in the UK today

To make the first step for private alcohol rehab and private drug rehab clinics – whether for yourself or for a loved one – please contact our confidential helpline today to receive free advice and guidance on the next stage available to you. Remember, with the support of Serenity Health and our rehab clinic in UK, it is possible to overcome addiction and to enjoy a happy, healthy and meaningful addiction-free life once again. Don’t let addiction continue to spiral – tackle it today at our Alcohol Rehab UK, admit the problem and begin to change your life with the help of the Serenity Health team

Our Private Rehabilitation Centres Across UK

Below you will find information about the clinics we operate.


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