Privacy Policy

The data security and privacy of our customers is of primary importance to us at, and we take every precaution to ensure that data is handled as securely as possible. The following privacy policy highlights our efforts toward data security, as well as the ways we collect and store customer data.

1. Customer information we collect

Customer data is collected in the following ways:

1.1 Registration forms
1.2 Data gathered from site visits, which includes traffic, geographical information, and weblogs.

2. Our cookies policy

To achieve the quality of service our customers deserve, we will in many instances need to collect customer information from computers used to navigate to our website, in order to tailor what those visitors see. The information is in no way identifiable, however. It’s limited to statistical data, and we offer a guarantee that we will never share any personal details with a third party.

Cookies are basically a text file downloaded without prompt and stored on the hard drive of the computer from which the website is being accessed. Cookies may only ever be used for the purposes of improving the customer journey through a tailored experience, though if you do not want cookies to be collected then your PC or mobile device will have the option to delete any current cookies and reject their download in future. Your individual device and browser will have detailed instructions on how to do this.

3. Customer data usage

Under no circumstances is customer data, collected either through website activity or via form submissions, shared with a third party. A short list of the ways we collect data includes through live-chats, call-back requests, contact forms, online registration forms, and general web activity.

If information is provided solely for the purposes of contact, then that is the only purpose it will be used for. On request we will contact our customers for help and advice on useful services we provide, and we may, on occasion, send promotional material via email. However, customers can unsubscribe from emails at any time simply by following the link marked “Unsubscribe” which can be found at the bottom of every email.

The IP address of customers using certain tools and interactivity available on our website will be stored for a maximum of 30 days, however this is only used to further tailor the personal service we provide and will not be used for any other purposes. Use of the tools and interactivity is providing consent for this data to be collected, so those wishing to avoid it should not use them.

4. Storage of personal data

4.1 Industry-standard servers are used to store our customer data, allowing us to make sure that it’s kept as safely as possible.

4.2 Online data transmission is never a 100% secure process, which means we’re not able to offer a complete security guarantee on information collected by us electronically. Please note though that we take every essential precaution to provide as much data protection as is realistically achievable. This inability to provide a complete guarantee of customer data – with the knowledge and understanding that between the data being sent and received, a data breach can occur – means that all customer information is submitted at the customer’s own risk. We use password protection where necessary throughout our systems to improve security; however, customers must assume responsibility for their own password safety.

5. Information disclosure

5.1 Third party disclosure of personal information is only done in situations of legal obligation, for example, police investigation.

6. Third party links

We accept no liability for content or privacy content of any third party website links found on our website. Customers view them at their own risk.

7. Information access

As per the Data Protection Act 1998, a customer may have access to their stored personal data at any time by emailing our support team.

8. Term acceptance

Using this website is accepting our terms and conditions. If there is anything in our policy a customer disagrees with, they’re advised to no longer use our website. If usage of the website continues after the policy changes in any way, it will be seen as acceptance of those changes.

9. Contact us

Should our customers have any queries regarding our privacy policy, they may email us at any time and we will do everything we can to answer their questions and provide as much transparency as possible.