Food Addiction.

August 27, 2018

For many people who suffer from a substance misuse problem, food was one of their first forms
of addiction from a young age. With the behaviours, just the same as a using drug addict already
prevalent in them. Behaviours would have included, steeling keeping things secret, and over
eating, while also lying about the amount of food they are eating. Food is another way people use
to cause themselves harm. It can be used as way to control what is going on the world around
them, when they cant control the world from the outside around them.

People will become addicted to the sugar, carbohydrates and fats in the food, that will be helping
them change the way they feel. They will become addicted to the good feelings that food is
giving them. Food addicts will over eat until the point they are sick. The symptoms are, over
sleeping and eating in the night ,fatigue ,poor consternation, restlessness and feelings of being
discontent. A food addict can also restrict food in the day out of guilt and shame from the
pervious binge the night before, this is a destructive pattern of behaviour known as self-harming
through food.

Food addiction, can lead to depression, anxiety, very low self-worth and low self-esteem issues.
It can lead to isolation, and many people describe food addiction as a emotional rock bottom.
Just likes drugs, it can leave people feeling, desperate, with very little motivation, with an
emotional state of internal self-hate and self-loathing, and they will carry mass amounts of guilt
and shame around with them.

Food addiction can cause obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Stroke, Kidney or liver
Disease and can reduce your sex drive, it can also cause Osteoporosis. If not looked at food
addiction can be prove fatal.

There are many ways people can enter food addiction recovery. There are models like Weight
Watches, Over Eaters Anonymous, and Grey Sheet. In Weight Watchers you will calorie count
and have a weekly weigh in, and keep a food journal. You will be able have food with sugar in,
known as ‘sins’. Through Over eaters Anonymous, you will work the steps around your eating
habits and attend meetings. In Grey Sheet you remain completely abstinent for from sugar and
carbohydrates, work with a sponsor and you will need to weigh and measure your food, keep
daily in contact with a support network and hand your meals over to another person over the
phone. All these methods are working in thousands of peoples lives.

People in food recovery find freedom from the obsession to change the way they feel with food.
They will have more motivation and feel better, mentally emotionally, and physically.


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