Serenity Addiction Centres Introduces Inpatient Drug rehabilitation Program

The Serenity Addiction Centres and Wellness Centre, a unique rehab facility with a holistic approach to addiction and anxiety recovery, introduces its completely different drug rehabilitation program with lots of facilities and care. The rehabilitation service provider believes that recovery is possible for any type of drug usage and thus undertakes a holistic therapy approach for the recovery. The therapy includes complete healing of mind, body and soul and the person does not feel like returning to the addiction, anymore.

The company with its unique drug rehabilitation system is one of the topmost in the UK, and it treats patients belonging to all walks of lives and all age groups. Treatment facility is available for all age group and the company takes special care to formulate the treatment method according to the stage of addiction and suitability to the body. With a homely atmosphere in the treatment centres and all round facilities for a comfortable living, speedy recovery is possible. The addiction free environment makes it easier for the person to recover from the state. The retreat accommodation provided by the company includes a private bedroom, sofa, TV, maid services, modern bathroom, kitchen, and internet. The facilities are adequate to provide a luxury hotel feeling. The location of the treatment centre is chosen to complement the holistic treatment. The treatment does not end with the rehab centre care, but it extends up to three years under the aftercare program by the company.