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Leicester Rehab

Rehab Leicester provide addiction treatment options and help for you to understand how to access treatment. Our specialist advisers talk you through the options available.

We listen carefully to your precise circumstances and provide complimentary advice based on your needs, location and budget. We’re a telephone-based advice and referral service, and provide guidance on the best treatment options for you or a loved one.

There are lots of choices available. Get in touch now for free, confidential advice. Call Rehab Leicester 0220 101 544.

How Much Does Leicester Rehab Cost?

Due to the range of treatment options, you may be surprised at how accessible and affordable rehab is – we match your budget to various clinics or services based on personal circumstances.

What Is Rehab Like?

Rehabs are comfortable, clean environments where you’ll stay in en-suite single or double occupancy rooms, for the duration of your treatment. We can advise on fees and the best option for you. Lower costs are sometimes available, based on double occupancy accommodation.

Busy clinics vs. quieter, lower occupancy?

Either are available in Leicester and surrounding areas. You may thrive in larger groups or prefer a quieter more individually-focussed approach. We can help you find treatment that match you and your needs.

Quasi-residential options available?

We can advise on split accommodation options – this can be more economical, and often suits those with less acute care needs. Is this something you might be interested in for yourself or someone you know?

Support following rehab?

Once you’ve completed treatment, it’s important that to engage in continued care.
This takes numerous form and there are a variety of options to suit all personalities, needs and locations.

Individualised care managers 

Not all treatment centres are resourced to provide a highly personal touch – if this is something important to you, then call direct and we’ll provide all the information you need at this stage.

I live miles away from anywhere

Some clinics provide door-to-door transport – with additional cost – this can help support you at this stage of the journey, which can be rather daunting. A number of clinics provide this service.

Immediate admission

We’re ready to help now, and can facilitate swift admission to one of our partner clinics. A detox programme could begin in 24 – 48 hours from now. Our advice team are ready to talk
you through your queries and concerns – this service is an advice and referral point of contact. The service is private, confidential, warm and highly knowledgeable.

How To Book Addiction Rehab In Leicester

Call us now on 01163 400 191 for free advice and we’ll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available.

We can advise on duration of stay, costs, suggest an appropriate clinic, and how best to enter into long term recovery from addiction. Are you ready?

Alcohol Treatment Options

We can connect you with the right help. Here are some of the most common forms of addiction our partner clinics work with today

Alcohol Treatment

Addiction doesn’t discriminate it can take hold of anyone regardless of gender, class, profession, sexuality, religion, rich, poor. The addicted community is diverse.

The Alcoholic Circle

Alcoholism can develop from socialising where tolerance increases, and to alleviate hangover
symptoms, people may engage in ‘hair of the dog’, further building tolerance and further strengthening the need to increase intake
and volume over ever more occasions.

This is prevalent for city workers who work hard and for long hours and then ‘let off steam’ in the bar after work with colleagues. Do you stay at home and continue to drink, then deal with the consequences of your behaviour over the next day or two?

Due to the popular notion of ’work hard/play hard’, addictive behaviours can go unnoticed or even accepted. Exuberant behaviour while entertaining clients and late to work hangovers – sometimes this may feel part of the job. It doesn’t need to be this way.

A sober life in recovery can afford people with a lot more time and better health thus more opportunities to network, build business and be successful while living an authentic and more peaceful life and enjoying better relationships with friends and family.

Drugs Or Alcohol Rehab

Detox is just the first part of your journey of self-discovery – free from the chains of addiction. We can assist with admission for detox at multiple local clinics in and around Leicester. Our partner clinics can assist in supervised detox from single or multiple substances. We can connect you with the one that best meet your needs specifically.

Usually following admission to a treatment clinic, you’ll meet with the service medical professional and discuss the detox approach used and understand the schedule of medication, administration, etc.

You’ll normally receive assistance from clinic team members in taking any detox medication
prescribed, at specific times of day, during your stay. Of course, everyone joins the treatment centre recovery community at different stages of your treatment – this is where some of the most profound healing can occur. And everyone understands what ‘the first day/week’ feels like – the empathy and sympathy of your peers in the clinic, can help you stay motivated, reassured, and removes a lot of the fear associated with early sobriety.

You are not alone. Your loved one is not alone. Ring direct: 01163 400 191

Rehab Aftercare

Rehab Leicester typically advocates an aftercare plan for a minimum of two years. Depending on the clinic, your may develop a personal aftercare package or plan, while you’re still in treatment – this is an organic process between you and your Recovery Manager.

There are a number of things to consider. If you have any questions regarding your own specific circumstances at this early stage, let us know: 01163 400 191.

This is a brief guide of what to expect once you leave treatment. Engagement in aftercare is very important. We encourage all our clients to carefully consider their life once discharged from treatment and back home. We encourage all our clients to carefully consider their life once discharged from treatment and back home.

Aftercare is not an ‘added extra’, but a major component of any good treatment programme. Aftercare is not compulsory, but if you’re serious about making fundamental changes to your life and freeing yourself from the shackles of addiction, then the first year is the most vital period where relapse prevention methods are key.

Relapse prevention involves applying the tools you have learned while in treatment to your daily life with family, friends, work colleagues and activities. You are not alone in this process. You might feel a little overwhelmed once you’ve left treatment – here, your treatment clinic would likely encourage you to engage in aftercare activities. Addiction counselling, meeting or phoning an AA/NA sponsor, booking a Skype therapy session with your recovery clinic, among other approaches – we can advise you today.

Private options following rehab

Some people opt for more intensive aftercare options following discharge from rehab. This can include a weekly or bi-weekly appointment with an Addictions Therapist, Skype therapy with your chosen clinic or privately-run group therapy in your area. There are lots of ways to ensure your aftercare is robust. We can help you plan.

Community options following rehab

There are currently AA and NA meetings running in Leicester. We encourage regular engagement in recovery meetings or activities to help reinforce the positive aspects of staying clean. You will find socialising with others in sobriety very comforting and positive.

Staying in touch with the clinic – why is this important?

Partner clinics typically offer free aftercare group meetings on site. These meetings are very popular and help former clinic patients to stay clean and sober. Group therapy is very powerful – and often misunderstood. Talking openly and honestly in a therapist-led group of people in recovery and getting feedback from your peers is very meaningful. Profound self-discovery happens in groups.

We listen. We know addiction, we know about therapies that have proven to work for
1,000s of people in the UK and across the globe – we can help you. We’ll listen to your story and help you begin your journey. Tailored care provides you with the tools your need to live a more peaceful and happy life away from drugs and alcohol. There is a dynamic and growing sober community, which you are very welcome to join – are you ready to make the change?

Ring Rehab Leicester Direct on – 01163 400 191

Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available.

  • Fully residential
  • Executive standard
  • Budget Options
  • Feel supported
  • Your own private room
  • Personally assigned care manager
  • Specialist therapeutic help
  • Trained addiction staff
  • Integration into mutual aid meetings
  • Custom solutions available
  • Low maximum occupancy

How To Access Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Help is available. Call us direct on 01163 400 191 for advice specific to your situation. We can advise on duration of stay, costs, suggest an appropriate clinic, and how best to enter into long term recovery from drug addiction. Are you ready?


We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation

We also have rehab clinic locations throughout Leicestershire.

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