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Our private alcohol rehab Glasgow and drug rehabs offers treatment for a wide range of addictions some of which include alcohol dependency, substance abuse, drugs, eating disorders, gambling and sex and love addiction.

The aim of our private rehab Glasgow and drug rehab clinic at Serenity Addiction Centres is to treat all forms of addiction, while helping the patient to restore their mental and physical well-being through life long abstinence.

The qualified counselling team are multi-disciplinary, and are all experts in their field. Most of them are in recovery themselves and have first hand knowledge of addiction. The counselling team will design a tailor made treatment programme based around your own specific needs and will include one to one sessions, group therapy, workshops, lectures, guest speakers and prevention relapse. They are also pleased to offer a range of recreational activities.

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The private alcohol rehab Glasgow and drug rehab clinic is tastefully decorated with 16 single occupancy rooms. There is a lounge, dining room and activity room. All meals are provided here and dietary requirements are catered for. Set on the outskirts of Glasgow, all the staff at this private rehab Glasgow and drug clinic, offer a very warm welcome and will make your stay at this residential clinic as comfortable as possible.

Prior to arrival, you will undergo an assessment so as to decide the level of your addiction and if it’s alcohol or drug related, whether you need to undergo a detox programme. This will be medically supervised and normally takes place over 7-28 days. Once the detox programme has concluded, you will then go on to start your therapeutic treatment programme with a minimum of a 28 day, in stay treatment can last for up to 6 months depending on the persons needs residential stay.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Glasgow

We have a successful private alcohol rehab Glasgow and drug clinics throughout the UK. At Serenity Addiction Centres we provide the following services;

  • Addiction Counselling
  • Drug Rehab
  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Alcohol and Drug Detox

There is the option for detox from prescription medications also.

Have a Closer Look at the Glasgow Clinic
All about Alcohol Rehab in Glasgow City Drug Detox and Addiction Treatment

When the person arrives at the Private alcohol rehab Glasgow, they will sit down with their named key worker, who will take some back ground information, then they will go through a care plan with them. This is to identify the needs of the person, so we can give them the right support and care during their time at our private alcohol rehab Glasgow or drug treatment clinic.

They will see one of our specialist addiction doctors, who will prescribe a detox to meet their needs. Depending on the drug or alcohol intake, each persons detox is very different, a detox can last from up to five days to 28 days. During this time they will have access to the best team of counsellors, nurses and key workers Serenity Addiction Centres private alcohol rehab Glasgow, and drug rehabs has to offer. They will have 24 hour support, and the benefit of peer support.

After they have detoxed they will go in to first stage treatment, where they will take group therapy sessions, one to one counselling, and key work sessions. There will be written work in the way of a life story, feelings journals and step work. The programmes is based around the 12 steps, in this work and counselling sessions they will look at altitudes and behaviours that are causing them to abuse drugs or alcohol. There are normally 3 stages to treatment, each stage they will progress in to as they build the confidence and knowledge around their recovery.

They will also take part in art therapy groups, music groups and yoga .Addiction strips a person of their identity and they forget who they are, and what they like, these are great methods in to helping the person find out who they are once again..

We will help them to build up their self-esteem as well as help them to look at their attributes.

There will also be outings at weekends, and everyone can use the television at night.

Contact with family will be encouraged at Serenity Addiction Centres private drug rehab Glasgow and alcohol rehab we understand the importance of rebuilding family and loved ones relationships. They will be able to talk to family members or friends over the telephone.

After the person has successfully completed treatment they can go to a move oh house, this is supported housing where they will have an after care programme put in to place. They will be encouraged to seek some kind of voluntary work, or education, this is to help keep up the structure of their recovery and keep their life in balance. If the person wishes to return straight home after treatment they can, our after care programme is for anyone to return to. There will be weekly key work sessions, group work, and counselling still in place.

Everyone will need to attend 12 step groups, either Cocaine Anonymous ,Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

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How Do Glasgow City Rehabilitation Centres Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction can keep a person trapped and isolated for many years, by coming to one of our private alcohol rehabs Glasgow or drug rehab centres they are coming out of isolation, this is what they need the most. At Serenity Addiction Centres UK our treatment programmes are designed for the person to reconnect with themselves and the outside world.

At our private alcohol rehab Glasgow and drug rehab clinics we have some of the highest success rates in the country.

Serenity Addiction Centres are available to take your call now.

Is a Rehab Centre your only option for recovery?

There are many proven recovery models out there for a person to chosse from. However we fell that inpatient treatment is the best way for an individual to find and maintain a long term recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help
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Which of the Drug rehab centers Glasgow City Is Right for You?

We cater for every ones own unique and individual needs, our promise at Serenity Addiction Centres is that will be able to find the right private alcohol rehab Glasgow or drug rehab for you. It doesn’t matter about , the sex , age, or ethnic minority we can help you today.

How to Choose between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Glasgow City

In drug and alcohol addiction many people may have lost family ties, hit money struggles, or found it hard to hold down a job, for these reasons Serenity Addiction Centres have created an outpatient facility . They will undergo a home detox, while under the supervision of one of our expert doctors. There will be one to one counselling sessions, key work sessions as well as group therapy.

People will also need to attend 12 step mutual aid groups.

Within the programme they will build up a network through peer support, a very helpful way to help maintain recovery.

The Benefits of Private Alcohol Rehab Glasgow City

We are very careful in protecting a persons anonymity. And keeping them safe and secure from triggers and cravings they may come up for them. The persons recovery is of the upmost importance to us at Serenity Addiction Centres. We look at all aspects and areas of the persons life, and how we can help them , we are with them each and every step of the way.

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Can Anyone Get Rehab Alcohol Glasgow City?

Yes, there is some misinformed people who believe that only people of a high profile nature can access a drug rehab or alcohol rehab. Our private alcohol rehab Glasgow and drug rehabs are open to anyone looking to change their lives around, we are confident we can help any person who is suffering from a substance misuse problem.

Call Serenity Addiction Centres free of charge now, for the best Private alcohol rehab Glasgow and drug rehab in your area.

How to Get in Contact With a Alcohol Rehab Centre Glasgow City

Our team at Serenity Addiction Centres can be contacted through the website, or you can call us on the telephone, we are here to take your call 24 hours a day, so call us now we are here to help you find your way back in to a new life.

Location: Glasgow City,

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help
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We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation

You can also find rehab locations in nearby cities of Edinburgh and Perth.

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