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Rehab in Chelmsford

We can advise on rehab and treatment choices available in Chelmsford to help you or a loved one overcome alcohol abuse, or drug addiction. Our advice is free and based upon your personal situation, your treatment needs, your location and your budget.

Rehab for addiction is a powerful treatment option – lives are saved and families can be restored. One of our Serenity clinics could be the right option for you and admission is possible within 24 hours. Call Rehab Chelmsford for free, confidential advice on how to begin your recovery: 01245 830 110.

Overcoming Addiction With Chelmsford Rehab

In our experience, addiction cannot be tackled alone. We need people, the support of others is essential in our recovery process four simple steps:

  1. Talk to an Addiction Adviser at Chelmsford Addiction Treatment and Recovery. We
    understand your position, no matter where you are in your journey, and can reassure you and your family re the options available.
  2. If rehab is something you wish to pursue, we can arrange for a free and confidential telephone assessment. All good alcohol or drug addiction rehabs require clients to be assessed – this means talking through your situation and providing information on, for example, current medication, usage patterns, and your relationship with alcohol or drugs. All enquiries are in 100% confidence.
  3. Treatment at your chosen rehab can begin within 24 hours. The process from first phone call, to telephone assessment, to booking your room at your chosen rehab can all be done over the phone.
  4. A deposit is requested, a date and time is set for your arrival. To secure your room at your chosen rehab facility, we arrange for a deposit to be taken. The remainder of the fee will be dealt with once you arrive. Many rehabs offer payment plans – spreading the cost might be right for you.


How To Book Addiction Rehab In Chelmsford

Call us now on 01245 830 110 for free advice and we’ll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available now.

Detox Plan

If you require a period of detoxification, a detox plan will be prepared by the team all depending on your specific needs at this stage of your treatment. You may not need a clinician-led detoxification. In this case, you will be introduced to fellow recovery peers and encouraged to join therapeutic groups and engage in all the activities offered by the rehab centre.

Recovery Buddy

Clients are often assigned a ‘Recovery Buddy’, someone who has been in treatment for a few weeks, who can show you the ropes and settle you in.

Therapy and addiction therapists, recovery workers

Therapy is central to all good residential clinics. But what is a therapist and what do they do? A therapist is a trained professional who is often in recovery themselves. An addiction therapist will guide you back to the real you the you that will flourish in sobriety.

Rehab therapists employed within CATRA’s network of rehabs come from a truly diverse background and are highly intelligent and capable professionals. Addiction therapists and recovery workers often come into their profession following treatment, they have won the battle, and become very interested in addiction.

Treatment models.

With this level of care, compassion and commitment, you can be confident you are in the right hands. We know the clinics with the most committed staff – do you need advice? Rehab Chelmsford – 01245 830 110 – Immediate Advice On Treatment Choices.

Aftercare planning and continued care

A few weeks into treatment, you and your recovery manager will begin to talk about what happens once your stay in rehab comes to an end. What sort of support you choose, will depend on your experience in rehab you will be inspired by all the stories you have heard and joy that can be found when clean and sober. You will be encouraged to engage in your recovery goals with pride and passion.

Intensive Rehab Programmes

In our experience there are 8 key benefits to our residential clinic partners:

Peer Support

Recovery communities are powerful – a supportive group of people, who all want the same goal. Life-long connections are often born in rehab. Feedback from our peers is essential – and in the rehab setting, we can give and receive feedback in a safe and non-confrontational space. Feeling safe to speak is key to your
recovery and in rehab, this kind of space is provided, encouraged, mediated and very powerful.

New Foundation

Rehab means you are away from home and work, and all the associations you have built over years with your chosen drug or drink. In rehab you will build a new foundation – a fresh start.
The feeling of the ‘second chance’ is very important to most people
embarking on recovery. Many come into addiction treatment feel weighed down by guilt – you will be encouraged to face your guilt with a fresh perspective and learn to more on to a more positive future.

Some people have isolated themselves through chronic addiction – rehab is a place to re-establish ourselves, engage with people, learn to talk and listen again. These skills help clients re-engage with friends, family and colleagues once they leave treatment.

Tailored Treatment

With any illness, there are commonalities in those suffering and the treatment on offer, however, we’re all different, we all have different life experiences. A key element to rehab is the space to talk, the freedom to open-up in a safe and secure environment.

Tackling Dependence

Following years of mental and physical substance abuse, our bodies are often tired and our brains have developed unhelp associations. Many drugs act as emotional painkillers, not in the beginning, but once they’ve take hold – it can be difficult to imagine life without them.

Continued Care

When any person leaves residential treatment, whether a private clinic or an NHS ward, there is undoubtedly a period of continued care to help the person re-adjust to life. Rehab is no different – aftercare planning typically begins on week 2 or 3 and is designed to allow clients to start considering life at home, but crucially, drug-free.

Continued care may take a number of forms, potentially including weekly visits to your chosen rehab for aftercare meetings. Many rehabs offer this free-of-charge, for advice on this – please give us a call. If your rehab is too far from your home then some offer Skype-style sessions.

AA NA meetings

Many rehabs follow the 12-step model of abstinence, and this is supported by meetings, of which there are 100s across the UK. When you work on your aftercare plan with your Recovery Worker, the locations and times of a number of meetings could be included – it’s great to be prepared once you leave treatments.

Some people like to secure one-to-one private therapy in advance of
leaving treatment – your Recovery Worker could potentially help you here. For advice on a clinic near you please call: 01245 830 110.

Residential Rehab

Why residential treatment? For many people suffering with addiction, residential treatment is the best option – rehab is an immersive experience where clients ‘Live Recovery’, day to day. Breaking the chains of addiction is very difficult if you are trying to tackle it alone.

Rehab is an intensive environment where you work on yourself day in, day out, with the support of others going through exactly the same experience.

Family Support

Some residential clinics offer support for the family of the addict. Often families have reached a point where they no longer feel they have any influence over their son/daughter/sister/brother who they dearly love – so it can be a really upsetting time. If someone in your family is concerning you – we can help.

Are you ready to be free of addiction? We can help you today. Admission into a rehab clinic specialising in alcohol addiction is possible within 24 hours. There are a few simple steps to go through prior to admission – the best thing to do, is give us a call and we can help you through the process.

Ring Rehab Chelmsford Direct on  01245 830 110

  • Fully residential
  • Executive standard
  • Budget Options
  • Feel supported
  • Your own private room
  • Personally assigned care manager
  • Specialist therapeutic help
  • Trained addiction staff
  • Integration into mutual aid meetings
  • Custom solutions available
  • Low maximum occupancy


We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation

We also have rehab clinic locations throughout Essex.

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