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Getting Help in Norwich

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, choosing a rehab centre to put together your recovery programme and provide your care is the next step. We are here to help you get into the right clinic.

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Our rehab centres in Norwich provide a safe, nurturing environment for you to undergo your detox and recover in. You will be supported by our community of nurses, doctors and therapists and receive the help you need to beat your addiction.

It can be difficult choosing the right rehab clinic in Norwich, so we are here to discuss your options with you. We invite you to call our helpline to speak with our compassionate advisors. A call to 0800 118 2892 is all it takes. We’ll take the time to explain your options for free with no obligation, and all advice is confidential.

Why Choose Rehab in Norwich?

Norwich is a vibrant and welcoming city that is not far from the sea with beautiful countryside just a short drive away. If you want to enter rehab in a place that offers privacy, scenery and excellent transport links, there is no better place.

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Our clinics in Norwich offer world-class standards of care and are fully staffed by BACP accredited nurses and experienced carers who will be on hand to help you.

As part of your recovery programme, you will be looked after by a:

  • GP
  • Consultant psychiatrist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Wellbeing experts
  • Personal trainers
  • BACP accredited nurses

Many of our patients enjoy daily activities like walking, cycling, horse riding and games. We want you to enjoy your rehab in Norwich, which is why we create rehab programmes that go above and beyond the standard models of therapy.

Inpatient & Outpatient Rehab in Norwich

There are different types of rehab available to suit most budgets and living requirements.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatients stay in clinic accommodation and have access to round-the-clock help and support from experienced BACP accredited nurses. The detox is performed in a safe and private environment, with daily activities and workshops to ensure the patient’s mind has as much of a break from addiction as the body.

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This is the most comprehensive type of rehab and also the most successful. 9 out of 10 patients go on to stay drug or alcohol free for at least 12 months. Because of this, we always recommend inpatient rehab as our first choice.

Outpatient rehab

Outpatients undergo a home detox and need to be looked after by a loved one, or themselves. Because the standard of support is lower and there may be no break from the patient’s normal social environment, the risk of relapse is considerably higher with outpatient rehab.

Therapy will be provided outside of the clinic but there will be no daily activities or breakaway from normal life. Most people need this break, so it’s important to consider your needs when choosing.

If you are unsure which type of rehab is best for you, speak with one of our helpful advisors on 0800 118 2892 for personalised advice.

What Does Rehab Involve?

Rehabilitation typically follows these three steps:

  1. Treatment initiation
  2. Early abstinence
  3. Ongoing abstinence

Your Norwich rehab programme will be personalised to your individual circumstances so that you receive the help you need to kick your habit for good.

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Treatment initiation

The treatments, therapies, and types of counselling you will receive during your rehab in Norwich will be fully explained to you and you will be prescribed withdrawal medication.

Treatment initiation happens at the clinic, and you will have the opportunity to meet our staff.


The detox stage is the most controversial stage of rehab because it is the hardest. You will abstain from the substances you are addicted to until all traces have left your body, so that you are cleansed and refreshed to start your new life.

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A detox can take anywhere from two weeks to one month or longer if you relapse and require additional care. Because detoxing is a medical process, it needs to be managed, which is why we always recommend inpatient care above outpatient care. It is much safer.

Therapy and counselling

During your detox and after you leave residential care, you will attend therapy sessions to treat the social and behavioural sides of addiction.

Two therapies that have excellent results are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). At the clinic, you will also take part in workshops and wellbeing sessions to help purify your mind.

Ongoing support

With our Norwich rehab clinics, all patients receive one years’ free aftercare to ensure you can continue to access the help and support you need. You may also have a sponsor or key worker to guide you through this new chapter in your life.

We believe that with the right help and support, anyone can beat addiction. Call us on 0800 118 2892 to speak with one of our friendly advisors and find out more about how our rehab clinics in Norwich can help you.

Rehab Fees & Admission in Norfolk

To get started in your journey to recovery, the first step is to call the Serenity Centre helpline on 0160 3905 133 for a free no-obligation advice. We aim to be available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and our telephone counsellors can manage emergency admissions when required. Visit our admission page or learn more about our pricing for more information.

Rehab Clinic Norwich

Serenity Addiction Centres

The Royal, 25 Bank Plain, Norwich NR2 4SF, UK

Telephone: 01603 905 133

Serenity Addiction Centres

12 Stanley Avenue, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0BE, UK

Telephone: 01603 905 133

We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation

We also have rehab clinic locations throughout Norfolk.

  • Alcohol detox
  • Drug home detox
  • Alcohol rehab
  • Drug detox
  • Drug home detox
  • Drug rehab
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • Process disorder treatment
  • Counselling services
  • Intervention
  • Aftercare

Our team has members that are recovering addicts themselves or have experienced a loved one with an addiction. This helps us have the best understanding of your condition, and create tailor-fitted treatment programme to ensure the success of your recovery from addiction.

Listen to the stories of our beloved clients.

We have the best rehab centres all across the UK. If you prefer another location than Norwich, click here to locate the best location for you or your loved ones. Otherwise, feel free to call us at 0800 118 2892.

The best way to get started is to give us a call at 0800 118 2892 for free advice and assessment. Let us help you or your loved one figure out the best treatment plan for your addiction so you can get started on your journey to recovery.

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