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Finding the Right Rehab in Newcastle

If you or a loved one are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, the next step is choosing a rehab clinic to create your recovery programme and deliver the specialist help and support you need to beat your addiction.

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With the right help and support, anyone can beat addiction and there are several high-quality rehabilitation clinics in Newcastle that specialise in drug and alcohol rehab. If you’re ready to take the next steps, we’re here to help.

Choose one of our rehab clinics and we will create for you a proven rehab programme that delivers support in the right places. Our world-class team of doctors, nurses and therapists will be there when you need them, and you will be boarded in comfortable accommodation to ensure your rehab retreat is more like a welcome break.

Call us on 0800 118 2892 to find out more about our rehab centres in Newcastle. Advice is free and confidential. We’ll explore your options with you and recommend clinics based on your individual circumstances. A call is all it takes to get started.

Why Choose Rehab in Newcastle?

Newcastle rehabilitation clinics offer the help, support and facilities you need to recover from addiction. Our clinics have the expertise to help you beat your addiction.

Outside private alcohol rehab clinics Newcastle You will be looked after by our world-class team of BACP accredited nurses and you will have a key worker to guide you through the rehab process.

Our residential rehab clinics in Newcastle provide round-the-clock care for all inpatients and you will enjoy your time with us – drug and alcohol rehab is hard, but we want it to be as painless as possible and we’ll do our best to make it so.

Often, we find that drug and alcohol addiction is triggered by other medical conditions, so our staff have training to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, bulimia, anorexia, PTSD, OCD and bipolar disorder.

You will receive treatment for any underlying medical conditions in the form of medication and therapy (or one or the other) to make sure you receive all the help and support you need.

With our Newcastle residential rehab clinics, you will have access to:

  • A GP
  • Consultant psychiatrist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Psychotherapists
  • Wellbeing experts
  • Personal trainers
  • BACP accredited nurses

Inpatient & Outpatient Rehab in Newcastle


Inpatients stay in residential clinic accommodation during their detox and receive round-the-clock care from BACP accredited nurses. This is the most successful type of drug and alcohol rehab because the chances of relapse are so low. It also makes sure the patient gets a proper and complete introduction to therapy.


Outpatients undergo a home detox which is managed with medication, but the patient won’t have access to nurses except by way of weekly appointments. This is the least successful type of rehab because the patient can get a hold of alcohol or drugs much more easily.

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What we recommend

Inpatient rehab is the most expensive type of rehab; but, being put up in residential clinic accommodation and receiving specialist care throughout a detox makes it worth it. It is the safest and best rehab experience for everyone.

Outpatients will save money but they won’t have as high a chance of success. If you want to know more about these different types of rehab clinics available in Newcastle, we invite you to call us on 0800 118 2892 and speak with our advisors to find out more.

What Does Rehab Involve?

Although drug and alcohol rehab is a different experience for everyone, as part of rehab in Newcastle, you can expect the following:

  • To undergo a medically managed detox
  • To be prescribed withdrawal medications
  • To attend therapy and counselling sessions
  • To practice therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • To receive alternative therapies, such as holistic therapies like massage
  • To have freedom to explore the clinic grounds and socialise with others.

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The first stage of rehab Newcastle is to speak with our friendly advisors for personalised advice about the best rehab clinics for you – our clinics offer different specialisms, so we’re able to provide different levels of care across them.

After you have chosen a preferred rehab clinic, you will attend a clinical assessment with a doctor, psychologist and a therapist at the clinic or a private hospital to establish your physical and mental health. Based on this, we will create a bespoke rehab programme.

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The first stage of rehab following admission is the detox stage. It is the first stage to ‘kicking the habit’. You will abstain from the substances you are addicted to until they leave your body. To help you manage your withdrawal, you’ll be prescribed withdrawal medication throughout.

Of course, the type of detox and medication you will receive is based on the substance you are addicted to and the severity. Whether that is a heroin addiction, alcoholism or prescription drug addiction, support for each circumstance is entirely bespoke.

During the detox stage you will also be introduced to therapy. The most common therapies for addiction are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). These have an excellent track record for helping address the behavioural and social sides of addiction – things detoxing alone do not touch.

You will be released from clinic accommodation only once your key worker is happy you have made enough progress for continued abstinence outside the clinic. It is likely you will stay on withdrawal medication for a few more months.

With all our rehab centres in Newcastle, you will receive one years’ free aftercare to help you adjust to life without drugs and alcohol.

Together, we can beat your addiction for good. We’re here to help you take the next steps and provide valuable advice during your journey.

If you’re ready to start rehab in Newcastle, call us on 0800 118 2892 to speak with one of our compassionate and experienced advisors. We will explore your options with you and guide you through the clinic selection process.

Rehab Fees & Admission in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

To get started in your journey to recovery, the first step is to call the Serenity Centre helpline on 0800 118 2892, for a free no-obligation advice. We aim to be available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and our telephone counselors can manage emergency admissions when required. Visit our admission page or learn more about our pricing for more information.

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Serenity Addiction Centres

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Telephone: 0191 646 0131

We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation

We also have rehab clinic locations throughout Tyne-and-Wear including in Sunderland.

  • Alcohol detox
  • Drug home detox
  • Alcohol rehab
  • Drug detox
  • Drug home detox
  • Drug rehab
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • Process disorder treatment
  • Counselling services
  • Intervention
  • Aftercare

Our team has members that are recovering addicts themselves or have experienced a loved one with an addiction. This helps us have the best understanding of your condition, and create tailor-fitted treatment programme to ensure the success of your recovery from addiction.

Listen to the stories of our beloved clients.

We have the best rehab centres all across the UK. If you prefer another location than Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, click here to locate the best location for you or your loved ones. Otherwise, feel free to call us at 0800 118 2892.

The best way to get started is to give us a call at 0800 118 2892 for free advice and assessment. Let us help you or your loved one figure out the best treatment plan for your addiction so you can get started on your journey to recovery.

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