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Free addiction treatment advice is available now with Rehab Bristol. We advise on alcohol & drug addiction and recovery treatment choices – wherever you are TODAY on the journey, we can help you move towards your recovery goals.

Contact our advisers direct for free, specialist help on treatment options at 0117 369 0311.  We are here first of all to help you or someone you know.

How can Bristol Rehab Help

Free, confidential advice – we can help you or your loved one access help from a range of
options. Rehab Bristol is a telephone advice line, specialising in treatment options for alcohol or drug addiction in the Bristol and Gloucestershire area.

We’re experienced and knowledgeable about the treatment options, and if a private rehab is what you need, then we can help you with the admission process from a free, confidential telephone assessment to your first day in rehab.

We’re here to support you and your family at this time. Admission is possible within 24 hours. Talk to us now: Rehab Bristol – 0117 369 0311 –  for immediate advice on treatment options.

You’ve already made the crucial first step. Life changes are possible, and with the support of Rehab Bristol and our team – we can get you the life changing help you are seeking.

Rehab Bristol’s 8 Point Promise

  1. Rehab Bristol’s partner clinics repeatedly score highly with the CQC. The Quality Care Commission (CQC) is the health care regulator for England & Wales who scrutinise care providers on an annual basis. To find out what rehab services score well, call now. Also lots of rehabs have payment plans, and can be more affordable than you think. We have strong historical relationships in the industry, so get in touch today.
  2. Safety and comfort are very important in the rehab setting and our partner clinics
    typically offer a range of especially comfortable services to help settle new clients in. Large comfortable private rooms and individualised care plans.
  3. High quality addiction therapy and residential detox. You can be confident that all our partner clinics offer proven addiction therapy techniques and detox planning. Find out more about how a detox works.
  4. Addiction treatment is something that must feel right. We can help you find the treatment you need that will satisfy your current needs. Advice is offered on your budget, personal needs and the right location.
  5. We listen carefully to your needs from day one, and throughout. Support is always available from Rehab Bristol. We can arrange all that you require to make the life changing steps Recovery is possible.
  6. Addiction Rehab treatment can dramatically change a person’s life. But addiction is a
    treatable condition, and you can be admitted to a clinic within 24 hours with our assistance.
  7. We are all unique, we all have our own characteristics – we understand addiction and we can help reassure you and your family. Overcoming addiction is possible. Call today on 01733 530 417.
  8. Shared experiences are not only comforting, but very powerful in overcoming an addiction. Rehabs typically draw on the power of group therapy to help clients open-up and begin their recovery share your experience with one of our advisers.

We understand your position. For an uncomplicated approach to addiction and recovery, Rehab Bristol are here. We are ready when you are to make that first step. All our advice is free and confidential. We are 100% telephone based and ready to take your call.

Call us now on 0117 369 0311 for free advice and we’ll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available now.

Seeking Advice On How To Make Fundamental Changes To Your Life?

Rehab Bristol understands addiction and the process of recovery. We understand that we are all unique and that no ‘one-size’ fits all.

Tell us about you – What’s your story?

Rehab Bristol is a telephone based advice service. We’re here during office hours, and can also call you back in the evening or weekend, if that suits.

The best thing to do is find a quiet time to call – tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll help find a solution to fit your needs – tailored treatment based on your current substance use, your budget and your location.

Rehab is a safe and comfortable environment that welcomes clients  wishing to combat addiction. Detox is a brief period of time in a rehab setting where clients rest and physically recover from withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes medication is utilised to alleviate more severe symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms vary from shaking and sweating to more serious symptoms such as tremors and seizures. The severity all depends on your exact physical condition –an assessment for the use of medication during a detox is clinically managed.

Do you think you will suffer withdrawal symptoms? Call us today and we  can advise on your next step.

Withdrawal Medication is typically available in residential clinics for the use during a client’s detox. Not all substances have a medication-equivalent.

For advice about your addiction and likely detox plan, call direct and we’ll give you all the information you need to reach  your next step towards your clean and sober goal. Many of our clients come into treatment with further goals in addition to becoming clean and sober.

Our partner clinics are prepared and can support you through your personal process. Addiction can be devastating to everyone around the addicted person, so we’re here to help you mediate your future.

Being an addict means that you are ill, and to become well you will need support. In the very early stages of recovery support begins with a brief stay in rehab for many people. If you think rehab might be the best option for you at this time phone us today.

Have you ever

  • Drunk alcohol or used drugs when alone?
  • Been hospitalised as a result of drink or drugs?
  • Lost your motivation – for work, family or friends?
  • Used drugs or drink to cope with life’s tough times?
  • Used drugs or drink to boost your confidence in social situations?
  • Become self-destructive during or following the use of drink or drugs?
  • Used drink or drugs and then self-harmed?
  • Lost periods of memory from the use of drugs or drink?

If you do answer YES to any of the above – you could be struggling with addictive behaviours.

  • Help is… available in the Bristol and Suffolk area.
  • Help is… more affordable than you may think – some partner clinics offer payment plans, making treatment very accessible.
  • Help is… just 24 hours from now – if you are ready – do you WANT to make the change?

For personalised advice based on you and your particular situation – give us a call, and we’ll help you take the next step – as soon as you are ready.

How To Book Addiction Rehab In Bristol

Call us now on 0117 369 0311 for free advice and we’ll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available now.

Help for someone I know

Rehab Bristol often hear from the families, friends and colleagues of people suffering with addiction. We can chat through your concerns and provide advice on private residential treatment options.

Do you have concerns about someone you know? Their health, their behaviour and their future? Are you witnessing uncharacteristic or bizarre behaviours through addiction, like anxiety, agitation, aggression, anger, sometimes even physical or verbal violence

It’s not unusual, and you’re not alone. Most individuals in addiction do need to hit rock bottom before beginning to recover in earnest. The sad truth is that this often means only a significant negative event is enough to help those in addiction finally decide they need help.

Combative language, however well meant, can further isolate the person. Addiction is difficult for people to admit to. There remains a strong stigma and often people feel great shame. We find tackling the conversation in a calm, listening manner can really help.

We view people suffering with addiction through a quasi-medical emotional lens. Their skills in dealing with emotional ups and downs have led to a physical addiction, and this has changed their behaviour.

This process, however deep it may feel, is reversible. Help is available in the Bristol area. Our partner clinics have huge collective experience and have successfully treated 100s of clients over the years.

The Recovery Team

Staff in rehabs are there because they have chosen to be, it’s a vocation, not just a job. Recovery practitioners are often in recovery themselves and many have been through a residential treatment programme themselves.

One of the ways they have helped their own recovery has been to train to help others. This means that rehabs are full of staff and clients that all want the same thing and can form a very powerful foundation for long term sobriety goals.

Choose your moment

Addiction is often shameful for the person – but your conversation can take on a calm and empathic tone – this will help. You may find that you need to raise the issue a couple of times before they open-up to you, so prepare your first approach carefully. You may want to leave the conversation wide open for another time, if they clam up.

A local park or your kitchen when everyone else is out the house might be a good place to raise the issue. The focus needs to be on what you’re saying as someone they respect – without distractions.


There is a self-assessment tool written by experts at the WorldHealth Org. Perhaps encourage the person you care about to have a go, and then have a chat about the outcome afterwards with Rehab Bristol.

We’re here to help – 0117 369 0311

What to look out for

A person suffering from addiction may:

  • Isolate themselves from friends and family
  • Look different due to weight loss or poor complexion
  • Have a new social circle
  • Be uneasy at social events (a preoccupation with the drug they crave)
  • Be broke – often asking for money
  • Go to great lengths to get their drug
  • Neglect their appearance
  • Their focus is on their addiction
Hiding evidence

The person you’re worried about may hide evidence related to their addiction – they will feel ashamed. No one chooses to be addicted but at this stage, they have no choice but to pursue their addiction.

Addiction takes hold and becoming free is not something they can do alone. Remember: no one chooses to be an addict and the changes that follow addiction are ‘out of character’. The person is temporarily lost, and with treatment, there’s every chance they will come back.

Full recoveries are the most common outcome by far. Please phone in today for advice tailored to your concerns – we can offer support while you encourage this person you know and love to find the help they need. We’re here to help – 0117 369 0311.

Bristol Detox & Rehab

Detox and rehabilitation go hand-in-hand, usually in that order, to help an individual recover from addiction not only chemically and physically but also emotionally. Some people need a period of detoxification when they first arrive at their chosen clinic – this can last a day or two up to a week, sometimes a little longer.

Do I need detox?

A detox plan depends on 5 points:

  1. The unique composition of your body
  2. Your drug of choice (including alcohol) and your current intake
  3. The number of years you have been using
  4. Whether you are on any other medication
  5. Where you are taking more than one type of drug (i.e. cocaine and alcohol, or alcohol and painkillers)

A detox plan written by trained professionals in a clinic setting is highly recommended by Rehab Bristol. Detoxing at home while trying to manage your own withdrawal symptoms is not advised. We can help you connect with the most appropriate treatment centre for your needs.

Detox means rest, often with a prescription to gently wean from the substance(s) and alleviate withdrawal symptoms as comfortably as possible.

Do you need a detox? Call us today and we can advise based on your current needs. Ring Rehab Bristol Direct on – 0117 369 0311

Our partner clinics employ clinical teams, a detox plan is prepared on day one, and regularly monitored to ensure the safety of every client.

Withdrawal means the body’s removal of toxins. Those suffering with addiction often have many years of substance abuse behind them, and their body has become accustomed to the drug. When the drug is withdrawn, withdrawal symptoms may begin from 2 – 24 hours later.

These symptoms include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Rapid pulse
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Shaking
  • Muscle cramps
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Poor appetite
  • Vivid hallucinations
  • Sweating
  • Poor concentration
  • Paranoia

Detoxing in a supervised clinic setting helps clients get through this period as comfortably and safely as possible. Medication is sometimes prescribed in rehab to help clients suffering from, for example, shaking or insomnia, to relax and recover as calmly as possible.

Call rehab Bristol now, and we can give you advice about the level of detox you can expect give your current intake and physical well-being.

When a period of detox comes to an end – you will be encouraged to engage in the rehab programme. In the clinic – this may include:

Group therapy

Group therapy is central to your recovery. Group therapy is often Addiction Therapist-led – lots of experiences and a passion for recovery. Addiction Therapists are often in recovery themselves – they know how you feel.

One to one therapy

Not everyone requires this level of interaction – if this is a priority for you, then phone us and we can advise on clinics to suit your needs.

Peer support work

Working on therapeutic tasks with your fellow peers is a vital component to your recovery.
Feedback from people we come to trust is key in our progress through rehab and beyond. Help is always on hand from clever and experienced Recovery Workers.

Gym / Swim / General Fitness and Nutrition Experts

Physical well being is very important element to rehab life – not all clinics offer gym/swim
facilities – if this is a priority to you, then please get in touch.

Some clinics employ a Nutritionist – after a period of addiction, our general health tends to
have suffered. We can help you recovery body and soul.

How To Book Addiction Rehab In Bristol

Call us now on 0117 369 0311 for free advice and we’ll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available.

  • Fully residential
  • Executive standard
  • Budget Options
  • Feel supported
  • Your own private room
  • Personally assigned care manager
  • Specialist therapeutic help
  • Trained addiction staff
  • Integration into mutual aid meetings
  • Travel done for you
  • Custom solutions available
  • Low maximum occupancy

How To Book Addiction Rehab In Bristol

Call us now on 0117 369 0311 for free advice and we’ll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available now.

We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation

You can also find rehab locations in nearby cities of Newport, Cardiff and Salisbury.

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