How to Overcome Unmanageability.

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When peoples lives are affected by Drugs or Alcohol addiction, the world around them becomes
unmanageable. People will struggle with simple daily tasks, and lose all structure in their lives.
They will not have the ability to take on responsible tasks, or chores.

Paying Bills
Making Doctors Appointments
House Work
Shopping for Themselves.
Keeping Appointments
Not Getting into Work

When a person’s life is ruled by substances, the substance will always come first. The substance of their
choice becomes the centre of the universe. The addict rejects themselves, and any people, places or
things that are surrounding them.

An addict will go to any lengths to fund their addiction this can result in them committing a crime and
ending up going to prison. Or a person my stop paying their mortgage and lose their home, this can
leave the person in great financial debts. Both of these examples are outward unmanageability.

There also will be what is known as the internal unmanageability. Daily a person who is abusing
substances will be struggling to cope with any thoughts, feelings and emotions. An addict can experience
a number of emotions throughout the day.


The addict will fall apart and not be able to cope as these emotions arise for them. For example they have an
argument with a loved one, instead of resolving the argument they will be more likely to leave and use. Or even
something as simple as missing a bus, can cause a massive overreaction to their emotions. This can lead them to
fall in to a mental melt down.

All addicts need structure and daily routine when they enter recovery. Over a period of time they will
need to address the consequences of their unmanageability.

They can do this by sitting down with someone and making a plan. Looking at all the bills they need to
pay, and asking that they are consolidated in to one debt. Any court orders that have been passed will
need to be seen out, and all appointments will need to be attended.

Over time relationships that have been damaged by a persons unmanageable behaviour can be
repaired. Repairing relationships is a process both parties will need to heal from any harms that may
have been caused.

A daily routine will need to take place, getting up at the same time in the morning ,trying to eat meals at
the same time each day is another form of structure. Getting to appointments on time or even attempting
to get their early is another way to regain structure in a person’s life.

By working some kind of recovery model, be it the 12 steps, or SMART recovery and Holistic Therapy’s a
person will learn how to manage and maintain any emotions, or feelings they are experiencing. They will
gain the tools on how to do this without the use of substances.

Recovery is about regaining what was lost due to substance misuse. Hundreds of thousands of people across the
world are living happy, fulfilling, productive lives, along way from the unmanageable chaotic lifestyles they once

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