How Much Does Rehab Cost in the UK?

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The expected cost of attending a rehab clinic for alcoholism or drug addiction can be one of the biggest reasons why many people don’t seek the help they need.

We also often get asked “how much does rehab cost in the UK?” which is probably due to most rehab appearances in the media being expensive American retreats, combined with people not being sure how the NHS comes into play.

While there are some free NHS inpatient facilities across the UK, they are extremely spread out and can only take a small number of patients at a time, as well as rarely meeting the treatment standards of more specialised, private clinics such as Serenity Centres.

Broadly speaking, the cost of alcohol or drug rehab in the UK is approximately £3,000.

We have built our pricing and payment plans around this fact and hope to make sure that finances are never a reason for somebody to give up on regaining control.

The first thing to be aware of is that we offer a free recovery assessment service which involves experienced professionals talking to you, assessing your situation and which treatment could best help you, while also making sure you are aware of what to expect in terms of how much alcohol or drug rehabilitation will cost you, with or without insurance.

Not only is this assessment free of charge, but we can give you full details on:

  • NHS treatment options in your area that may well be free of charge
  • Private clinics including ours and others
  • Detoxification clinics and inpatient rehabilitation centres
  • Support groups and therapists
  • Our detox from home and relapse prevention plans

If you would like to discuss your addiction with a professional, or book one of these assessments, please give us a call on 0800 118 2892 without delay!

If you do decide to attend one of our facilities, our treatments are covered by the vast majority of medical insurance policies and we also offer 0% interest payment plans, so even if you are struggling financially, there is nothing that can really, truly prevent you from getting the help you need!

How Much Does Alchohol Rehab Cost on Average?

Rehab Center Cost

Our 100 Serenity programme consists of a 12-week treatment programme that begins as daily appointments for 3 months and then gives you full access to our Relapse Prevention programme for the following 9 months.

This programme is available for a one-time payment of £3000.

If you are unsure if you can afford this, please call us to discuss payment plans as we are quite happy to break this up into smaller, more affordable monthly payments without any interest.

100 Serenity is designed to offer a low cost and accessible yet high-quality treatment programme to those who would struggle to afford traditional long term inpatient treatment, but we do offer that too, with prices ranging from £1500 to £18,000 depending on the clinic you attend, the treatments you require, the length of attendance etc.

If this number sounds worrying, we can only recommend you call us to discuss your needs, as the majority of patients will sit at the lower end of that scale.

We also offer a Home Detox option which allows you detoxify yourself from the safety and comfort of your own home with constant access to professional guidance, advice and medication.

This is available for only £995 making it one of the most affordable ways to overcome your alcohol dependency, full stop.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost With/Without Insurance?

Most of our drug addiction treatments follow the same pricing plans listed above for alcohol but, of course, different drugs cause different levels of addiction and affect the body in different ways.

As a result, attending one of our drug rehabilitation facilities typically requires an assessment first which allows us to formulate a price based on your own specific situation, habits and needs.

Don’t be afraid to tell us if you’re having financial issues during this stage as we can customise most treatments and offer payment plans to help you manage.

If you’re still unsure how much alcohol rehab centres can truly cost, here is a quick breakdown:

Recovery Assessment ServiceFree of Charge
Tour of a Rehab Clinic to Learn MoreFree of Charge
Home Detox ProgrammeFrom £995
Relapse Prevention Programme (After Treatment or Overcoming Dependency Yourself)£30 per week
Home Treatment for Addictions Beyond Alcohol or Drugs (Sex, Gambling, Social Media etc)£200 per week
100 Serenity Programme Plan£3,000 one off payment
Full Inpatient Treatment£1,500 – £18,000 depending on the length of attendance and specific requirements

Check out our Locations page to find out where our nearest facility is to you!

Always remember, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem and asking for help – so giving us a call on 0800 118 2892 may well be the best first step you ever make.

Our friendly, experience and discrete professionals are ready to discuss your issues with addiction, recommend which course of treatment they feel may work best for you, and discuss payment options with you to make sure you don’t have to do anything you can’t afford.

We know that rehabilitation has a reputation for being impossibly expensive, which we believe leads to many people who need serious help feeling hopeless and not even bothering to look for it.

Because of this, we have created the lowest priced range of rehabilitation treatments bar none, while still remaining one of the most effective rehabilitation clinics in the UK too.

This means that no matter who you are or what your financial status if you are struggling with addiction or dependency, there is nobody better suited to help you to truly be yourself again than Serenity Centres.
With that in mind, please Contact Us now to kickstart your journey to recovery or submit a form through our admissions page.

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