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Wellness For Recovery From Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Wellness and Recovery

There is so much more to wellness than just proper nutrition, exercise and feeling good about the way you look. It is about finding a healthy balance in all areas of you life, health, happiness and contentment. People who enjoy good mental and emotional health demonstrate:

  • A positive approach to life
  • Self worth, confidence and good self esteem
  • The ability to balance work, rest and play
  • Contentment
  • The ability to deal with stress and adapt to chance
  • The capacity to form and nurture fulfilling relationships

This does not mean that by being mentally and emotionally healthy you never experience negative feelings or bad times, we are all faced with difficulties in life. However it does mean that you are more resilient and able to negotiate problems with a more balanced and positive approach on how to bounce back.

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Living the life you envisage is as much about your mindset and attitude as it is to do with your personal circumstances. Your life’s determined by the choices you make and those choices are responsible for the fulfilment you feel. Unfortunately we are not able to control all of the events that happen throughout the course of our lives.

However, we often have a choice over how we deal with the outcome, with a balanced mindset you are more likely to be constructive. Positive mental attitude, influencing your mindset is a learnt skill and like any skill it requires dedication and the will to want to succeed.

At Serenity Addiction Centres we provide a full Holistic programme to enable you to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. We provide each person with a unique programme to suit the individual need. We incorporate a range of treatments with emphasis on providing physiological support to identify core issues and triggers relating to destructive and unhealthy behaviours.

We all need a little help sometimes, and the first step to self-improvement is admitting it. Whether it’s help with anxiety and stress disorders, eating disorders, addictions or drug and alcohol dependency we can provide the support you need to get you back on track.

If you would like support in creating positive change in your life, take action and contact us. Our team of fully qualified professionals are all compassionate, caring individuals who are passionate about recovery. We guarantee you will be fully support on your route to living a balanced and fulfilled life style.

Wellness can also be effective alongside other holistic treatments for example, yoga, pilates, reflexology, creative therapies and acupuncture. It will awaken your senses and incorporated into your daily routine can enhance your quality of life. Combined, they can be effective treatment for those in rehab or detoxing from drugs or an alcohol addiction.

We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation