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For most, January represents not simply a new year, but a time to start a fresh or new outlook on life. For those with drug or alcohol addiction, the start of a new year can mean so much more, the chance to ultimately get clean before it is too late. Participating in a detoxification or rehab clinic treatment program is often the first step on the path to recovery from addiction.

Alcohol, Drug Rehab

Since setup, thousands have taken that journey with part of Serenity UK group of websites, Advanced Clinics for Addiction Treatment and assessments, recognized as working with best of the most successful and innovative private rehab clinics for addiction and rehabilitation in the country.

With Rehab Clinics in Bournemouth, as well as locations in Bedfordshire and Luton, Kingston upon Thames, Warrington, Chelmsford and Scotland, also further afield Countries like Spain, Cyprus, South Africa and Thailand.

The Institute is known as a leader in Drugs, Opiate, Alcohol, and Benzodiazepine detoxification treatments, as well as eating disorders therapy.

More specifically, The group has helped to free patients of substance abuse and addiction to Prescription Drugs, Heroin, Methadone, Cocaine, and other Drugs.

It’s noted for its use of the great Detox Clinics in combination with a number of therapies to treat addiction, including CBT and NLP with one to one counselling and group which is safer, more effective and less costly than other treatments.

More than 99% of its patients have been successfully and comfortably detoxed through this method. And being placed into the right drug rehab or alcohol treatment clinic makes all the difference.

People who depend on drugs or alcohol know full well how daunting it can be to pick and make a commitment to sobriety and for good. But they don’t have to face another year fighting with addiction alone. In the able and merciful hands of the treatment consultants and counselling staff at, 2010 can signify the first day of the remainder of their healthy new drug or alcohol free lives.

If you or someone in your family has a Alcohol or Drug Addiction problem, will help finding a successful alcohol drug rehab program can be a life-saver. Just talking to someone who really understands what you are going through can make a difference. Call 0800 118 2982 now for free expert advice.

The has helped thousands of clients recover and get over the consequences of alcohol, heroin use and other drugs like Methadone, Cocaine and Prescription Drugs.

The mixture of the Rehab Detox Clinics Strategy with a counselling care program is what makes it unique among addiction treatment clinics and its success rate so high.

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