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Process Disorders

There are many types of disorders and addictions, whether you or a somebody you know, suffers from drug & alcohol addiction or an eating disorder – we can most likely help. Serenity Healthcare UK treats 100’s of people every year for a wide range of problems. The success rate at our rehab clinics is above average because we know what it takes to get someone’s life back on track…..for good!

Stop Addiction for Good

The Rehab Clinic can help you with a variety of problems. Fromdrug & alcohol addiction, to internet & gambling addiction. We fundamentally get to the root of the cause with the aim of stopping your addiction – for good!

Cannabis Rehab Clinics

Cannabis Rehab ClinicsHas you or a person you know got a problem with cannabis? Call or email us today for some immediate help and advice. With cannabis, also commonly known as marijuana, in the national and world news so much lately you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t at least vaguely aware of what this drug is. Other Names for Cannabis Known by hundreds of nicknames like spliff, ganja, weed, hash, skunk,…

Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal Meth RehabIf you, or somebody you know is messing with crystal meth, get help, right now! Like a lot of information in the War on Drugs, facts about crystal methamphetamine can be hard to pin down. Also known by a plethora of street names such as crank, tweak, and ice, crystal methamphetamine is a very powerful stimulant concocted from a wide range of source substances and chemicals.

Prescription Drugs Addiction

Prescription Drugs AddictionIf you or somebody you know, suffers from prescription drug addiction, do not delay, get help now. Call or fill out our free assessment form and we will find you proper help. Prescription drugs such as Benzies are used to both counter the effect of ‘uppers’ like cocaine, speed and E and ‘downers’ like heroin and booze. Addiction to prescribed drugs can be extremely harmful…

Cocaine Rehab Clinic

Cocaine Rehab ClinicCardiac problems, neglect of family responsibilities, ignoring job demands, social isolation, neglect of body needs and hygiene, disintegration of the mucous membrane, collapse of the nasal septum, selling of personal property, mood swings, weight loss, change in friends, change in daily schedule, always having a stuffy, runny nose and constant loss of appetite.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol AddictionIs drink costing you more than money? There are many different interpretations of addiction; we like to keep it simple: Once the benefit of excessive drinking has been out weighed by the cost then the slide into ‘problem drinking’ has been made. Problem Drinking You do not have to drink or use everyday to necessarily be an alcoholic or addict, alcoholics and addicts can stop drinking for a period…

Cocaine Rehab Clinics

Cocaine Rehab ClinicsIf you, a friend, or family member is suffering from addiction to cocaine, get in touch with us. Researchers have found that cocaine stimulates the brain’s reward system inducing an even greater feeling of pleasure than natural functions. In turn, its influence on the reward circuit can lead a user to bypass survival activities and repeat drug use.


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