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LGBTQ & Addiction: Causes, Resources & Treatment

LGBTQ + and Addiction: Causes, Resources and Treatment
Trends in Substance Abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community
Why do people in the LGBTQ+ community use drugs?
Internalised Homophobia
Self-Medication, managing feelings
Legal Issues
Northern Ireland
Other Health Issues
Substance abuse can also lead to other health concerns such as:
Many LGBTQ+ people reported, at the start of treatment, that they felt:
Treatment methods
Helping an LGBTQ+ Person Cope with Addiction
Understanding and flexibility
Provide a comprehensive range of treatment options
Responding to cultural needs
Encouraging safe and healthy behaviours
Supporting autonomy and decision making
Reducing potential barriers to treatment
Consider creating a community
Consent to treatment
A note about children and young people
Sources of funding for treatment
A model for recovery: the four pillars
Recovery: basic principles
Inpatient Treatment
Finding Purpose
A Lifelong Recovery
Managing Relapse when it happens
Recovery Advice
Advice for Adults
Advice for Teens

We understand that taking the decision to commit to rehab can be difficult, you can schedule a tour of one your local rehab centers to see the available facilities, resources and environment. This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation