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Anxiety Symptoms, Effects Therapy & Clinics UK

Physiological effects of anxiety

On the physiological side, anxiety can cause issues with being able to relax, concentration, irritability, emotional dysregulation, constantly requiring assurance from others and over dependence.

Anxiety sufferers may also find it difficult to rationalise their thoughts and feelings, not a great situation to be in when you’re constantly fearing the worst already.

Panic attacks can also be a symptom of anxiety and they are an absolutely terrifying experience that often come with a sense of impending doom.

A panic attack is a direct result of anxiety and is an exaggeration of the body’s usual response to fear, stress or excitement. All of these symptoms can add up to cause serious difficulties in carrying out your usual daily tasks, such as work or social situations, and can also have a significant negative effect on personal relationships.

Self management of anxiety can also lead to addictive behaviour as people increasingly use drugs, alcohol, caffeine and other substances in an attempt to manage and overcome their symptoms independently.

All of these symptoms can be exacerbated by sleep issues, poor diet and a lack of physical activity, which can become a vicious circle and anxiety itself causes these things.

For many anxiety sufferers, life can become unmanageable without the support and guidance of trained professionals.

Physical effects of anxiety

Sweats, shakes, racing heart/palpitations, irregular breathing, dry mouth, headaches, lightheadedness, pins/needles, sickness and butterflies in the stomach. Whilst anxiety is a mental condition, the effects on the body can be overwhelming and highlights the need to seek help for your symptoms.

Ways of Managing Anxiety Yourself

If you need help managing your anxiety symptoms, you won’t find a better option than Serenity. However, if you wish to try managing your symptoms yourself first, there are a few options you can try.

  • On the anxiety therapy UK section of the website, there is an anxiety test that doctors use to judge symptoms and their severity.
  • Anxiety therapy dogs and pets in general have also been shown to have positive effects on anxiety symptoms and can help with relaxation.
  • There are a range of anxiety therapy worksheets available that can help you with identifying your thoughts and challenging the negative ones.

How We Can Help With Anxiety Issues

Here at Serenity, we employ some of the friendliest, most welcoming and most highly skilled anxiety experts, doctors and therapists around. We also offer free conversations and consultations over the phone such as:

  • Free guidance and advice on anxiety management techniques and home therapy methods.
  • Free assessment on your symptoms, what they mean and what we can do for you.
  • Free information on your best local anxiety clinics and anxiety doctors near you.
  • Free online anxiety therapy consultations

If you do end up coming to us for therapy sessions, anxiety exposure therapy is another hugely successful therapeutic technique we use along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Exposure therapy involves exposing you to some of the causes of your anxiety in a friendly and safe environment. 

It can be stressful at first but when conducted alongside CBT and group therapy sessions, exposure therapy has been proven to make massive bounds in controlling anxiety symptoms.

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Anxiety Clinics UK – Private & Confidential Options

Here at Serenity, we understand that due to work and family commitments some individuals may wish to seek support within their own home environment. We are able to offer counselling or physiological support in the form of telephone counselling or face to face home visits, with trained professionals.

If you think this is a good option for you, please contact us now for an informal chat with no obligations.

In the case of more severe cases of anxiety, we are also able to offer residential rehabilitation in one of our world-leading centres to fully support your needs and allow you to overcome your symptoms in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Costs and length of stay may vary as treatment plans will be tailored to suit your individual needs, so it is best to call to discuss options for this, however we also offer credit options so please don’t stress yourself out further worrying about how you will pay for it – we can take you through all the details.

We can also offer anxiety doctor’s notes so if you are worried about your job or other commitments, we urge you to see that your health is always the biggest priority

Talk Therapies

Talking through your worries and anxieties can be invaluable in the treatment of anxiety disorder.

Openly being able to discuss your inner thoughts and feelings with an independent, highly trained person. No fear of being misunderstood or judged.

A short course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can be one of the most effective treatment options for individuals experiencing anxiety issues. CBT involves discussion on various aspects in your life, focusing on your thoughts and beliefs and the impact this can have on negative thoughts and behaviour.

We also offer:

  • One to one and group therapy sessions with our highly trained counselling/psychological support team – one of the best in the world.
  • Private inpatient and day-patient psychiatric services or clinics for anxiety disorders can be arranged on request.
  • Advice around lifestyle changes, dietary advice and holistic therapies.

We understand that taking the decision to commit to an inpatient treatment centre can be difficult, this is why we highly recommend scheduling a tour of one your local clinics for anxiety to see the available facilities, resources and environment.

This can help you with taking the first steps towards your rehabilitation, and even if you decide not to become an inpatient, just meeting us and talking about your symptoms in an environment designed around reducing anxiety and producing thoughts of calm can be a huge benefit.

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