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Rehab Clinics in Cheshire

Choosing the right rehab clinic can be the difference between successful rehabilitation from addiction or no success at all. However it starts with an initial assessment. rehab clinic cheshire

We offer residential programmes at our spacious treatment centre in Warrington, Cheshire, providing intensive treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Looking for a rehab clinic in Warrington? Our programmes are based around the world-renowned 12 step alcoholism and addiction treatment modality, which has been proven over 7 decades to be a highly effective method for identifying and resolving issues, to progress from addiction to recovery. Our rehab clinic in Warrington has a proven track record of high success rates.

Clients are assigned their own focal counsellor who works with them throughout their programme. Counsellors are all recovered alcoholics or addicts with multiple years of recovery.

Residential Treatment Centre in Warrington, Cheshire

In supervised, safe and confidential group settings, our clients discover, through shared experiences, that they can become empowered to change. Clients realise that many of their experiences, thoughts and emotions are very similar to their peers. This realisation assists with feelings of isolation and seclusion.

Continuous After Care

Our comfortable accommodation complements the whole treatment ethos by functioning as a therapeutic community. We place great emphasis upon aftercare and offer on-going support to all clients, long after they have graduated and returned to their families and communities.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Warrington

Our programmes are designed to provide the most comprehensive treatment for alcoholism and addiction. We operate with a philosophy of continuous improvement, considering feedback from all our clients about our staff and our programmes. Rehab Clinics in Cheshire

Looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Cheshire? Serenity offer a free drug and alcohol addiction assessment along with useful advice and steps to take.

If you, a friend or family member is suffering from addiction, get in touch with us today for immediate help. Our intervention can turn that persons life around.

Just half an hour on the phone could be all this needed to cause a shift in awareness and emotions meaning; the road to recovery has begun.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Cheshire

We have a successful private rehab clinic and addiction treatment center in Warrington that provides the following services;

  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Drug Rehab
  • Alcohol and Drug Detox

Plus much more……….

Contact the Cheshire Addiction Treatment Clinic

Telephone: 01925 205260
Address: Serenity Healthcare UK – Cinnamon House, Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane, Fearnhead, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 0XP.


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