The danger of opiate abuse.

rehabclinic 03.03.2018

There is currently an epidemic of opiate abuse happening across the world today. With opiate abuse
related deaths hitting an all-time high. With an estimated 71% rise in over dose related deaths in the
United States alone.
There is a crisis amongst our society, with this highly addictive drug being imported from countries such
as China, and Mexico. Children as young as fifteen are known for getting addicted to this highly
dangerous drug.
Heroin effects the neurotransmitters( dopamine) in the brain, these are the receptors in the brain that
mange pain, and the persons feelings, this will happen as the brain releases hormones in to the body. As
the Heroin hits the blood stream feelings of being content and calm will take place, described by some
Heroin addicts as a ready break glow’ or a ‘comfort blanket’ being wrapped around them.
It will take around three days, for a person to become chemically dependent on Heroin. Once they have
become dependent, with out it, they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Such as, anxiety, muscle
aches, cramps, sweats, insomnia, sickness, some people describe it as severe flu like symptoms, with
feelings of fear and dread. This will continue, until they able to obtain their next fix. The person may
become angry and aggressive and act of character, this is due to the pain they will be suffering in
withdrawal mode. The longer they stay on Heroin, the more they will need. And their addiction to Heroin
will progress. As their addiction progresses, so will the way in which they fund their habit. There will be
more of a risk of court orders, and in the end ultimately Heroin addicts do end up with a custodial
sentence in the end.
The long- term effects of Heroin abuse, are Wight loss, hair loss, people can loses their teeth. It will also
affect the persons mental and emotional wellbeing. They will suffer bouts of depression and may lock
themselves away in to isolation.
Local services, can provide substitutes, such as Methadone or Subutex. They will have to be ready to
start the detox process, as they can run the risk of forming a double habit. The risk of over dose is much
higher, when a person uses Heroin on top of their prescription medication.
If you know a friend, or love one who is suffering from an Heroin addiction, it can be very sad and
frustrating for you. It is important not to enable a person by giving them money. You can support them by
buying food, or just listening to them. Reach out and tell them that there is away out, through drug rehab
and 12 step fellowships. There are hundreds of thousands of people world wide, who have taken their
lives back after Heroin addiction.
The safest way to detox from Heroin is through a detox program, and then go on to a treatment program.
Recovery from any form of substance, is available to any person that wants it.

How an Opiate Addiction is Treated in Rehab

rehabclinic 03.03.2018

     It’s a common fact that an opiate addiction can be difficult to treat. Opiates can be found in prescription painkillers, such as Oxycontin and Vicodin, also, street drugs, like heroin and opium, which are commonly found in many areas. Sufferers often find it difficult to break away from the addiction problem as the symptoms of withdrawal can be quite intense. There are many different strategies and methods to treat people with opiate addiction in rehabilitation centers, but successful treatment centers use many of the following steps to treat an opiate addiction:

How an Opiate Addiction is Treated in Rehab:

A pledge to stay clean: This is the basic starting point for any rehabilitation program. Addicts must consciously have the desire to finally stay clean. This is mandatory, because if addicts don’t have a strong will to change, they won’t change. Breaking away from addiction problem can be a monumental task, so it is important that addicts need to have more involvement in the program.

Drug therapy medication: This is a common way to overcome the opiate addiction problem. Addicts could be given substitution drugs, such as Suboxone and Methadone. These can help to minimize the feeling of craving for opiate substances.

Inpatient treatment: This takes places in the hospital or treatment facility and involves a supervised detoxification process by a qualified medical team. Traditionally, this lasts for about one month, but latest advances in treatment methods may allow for shorter stays, but still depending on the severity of the case. People who need to undergo inpatient treatments usually have freebased opioids, have psychiatric issues, failed at previous outpatient treatment and are using other illegal substances.

Contingency management: This method is based on rewarding people who failed the drug screening test, by offering prizes if they are able to stop the use of illegal drugs. Tangible prizes like cash and vouchers could actually further motivate some people to stop using illegal drugs and opioids. The value of the rewards can be small at first, but they could increase over time. This method is a complementary component that can improve attendance to treatment programs.

Ultra-rapid detoxification: In general, detox isn’t a complete treatment, but ultra-rapid detoxification could be quite successful in many cases. Patients are given opioid antagonist, such as Naltrexone and general anaesthetic sedation. This could help in speeding up withdrawal symptoms and skip various side effects.

     Ultimately, the best way for treating opioid abuse is by combining various effective therapies. Detox programs, therapies, inpatient services and community support may help in freeing people from their opioid addictions.

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Alcohol Detox: What is It, Why Do It

rehabclinic 03.03.2018

     For many people, managing an alcohol addiction isn’t easy. It takes a combination of things to help people who suffer from this condition and one of the best ways to deal with an alcohol addiction is through detox. Alcohol detox is one of the best methods to deal with alcohol dependency problem and people who already have a serious alcohol dependency problem can find it a way to effectively stop drinking alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms can be potentially risky, especially without direction and supervision from medical professionals so alcohol detox should not be attempted alone.

How Alcohol Detox Works

     In many cases, alcohol detox includes the use of medications to manage the withdrawal symptoms due to the cessation of alcohol consumption. Patients will be prescribed a medication called Chlordiazepoxide, which can ease the symptoms of withdrawal. The prescribed dosage will be reduced gradually, usually over the course of the week.

     When patients undergo the detoxification treatment, they are monitored with breathalyzer equipment and they are also under strict observation to prevent alcohol consumption. For best results, it is highly advisable for patients to stay in the rehabilitation facility. Alcoholics often have poor diet and lack in essential vitamins, especially vitamin B1, so this will help make the recovery process more bearable for patients.

Live Healthier to Become Healthier

     It is essential for people who have alcohol addiction to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes consuming fresh, nutritious foods. A more balanced nutritional intake will positively affect their brain and cognitive functions making it easier for them to think rationally and control their emotional urges. Anxiety often plays a critical part on why people become alcoholics, so it is important for patients to get psychological assistance when needed.

     There are many typical reactions associated with the alcohol detox treatment. As an example, some people have trouble sleeping when they participate in the detox program. It is important to realize that the detox program is not a magic pill. The detox program alone won’t cure alcoholism and it’s also important to make certain behaviour modifications. This is essential to ensure that patients don’t fall back into previous life patterns.

     So, why people with alcoholism problem should participate in a detox program? An alcohol detox program could prevent health issues associated with excessive alcohol consumptions, such as liver cirrhosis, and help patients live a longer, happier life.

     To learn more about how an alcohol detox program can help you or a loved one, contact Serenity today.

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3 Reasons To Choose Holistic Drug or Alcohol Rehab

rehabclinic 03.03.2018

Any kind of drug or alcohol addiction can affect every aspect of your life, especially when it’s an addiction that involves alcohol or drugs. To help regain normality in a healthy, successful manner, you need a drug or alcohol treatment plan that not only helps you to overcome the addiction itself, but also looks at the many factors that either contributed to or were caused by the substance abuse. Holistic drug or alcohol rehab is one such program. Whilst you have to ultimately choose the treatment that best meets your needs, here are three reasons you should consider a holistic drug or alcohol rehab program.

Treating the body

Treating the body to help get over a physical addiction is a crucial part of any rehab program as it involves putting the body through detoxification and then withdrawal, a process that isn’t always pain-free or easy. Not only does a holistic program help you through alcohol detox and withdrawal, it will also help you to repair any damage that the substance abuse has caused. Learning about a healthy diet and engaging in practices such as yoga or massage to ease the physical pain of withdrawal can all play a key part in a holistic program.

Treating the mind

An addiction almost always never just happens on its own; there are often other factors that drove the patient to substance abuse in the first place. Holistic treatment restores the mind by identifying and treating these factors through therapy. Any psychological factor that has had an effect on the patient’s life can be treated including major depression and bipolar disorder.

Individual treatment plan

No two people are the same, and so a holistic or alcohol rehab clinic offers individualised treatment for every patient. Even if two patients are being treated for a similar problem, the best treatment to help them through will not be exactly the same, and this is where holistic rehab excels. A drug rehab centre that offers holistic treatments can differ from an alcohol rehab clinic, yet both will help you to find the rehabilitation program that works best for you so you can go back to being your old self again. So take time finding the right drug rehab and alcohol compare against any alcohol rehab clinics. most do both and there a special clinics for your needs too.

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Addiction Research at Serenity Health

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Modified on March 10, 2018, by Daniel Santano

A key element of the treatment which we are proud to support is our progressive learning and development which is a vital part of the treatment and aftercare. We thrive on welcoming those at the cutting edge of research and new techniques and we run an on-going development programme entitled ‘In Research We Trust’. Funded opportunities are available for research professionals and graduates to use our facilities to present current addiction and mental health findings.

At Serenity Recovery, we support innovative programmes and provide sponsorship events for students and graduates. We encourage others within addictive and mental health disorder fields to promote their innovative research. Our aim is to support those who will be able to provide an improvement of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation in this field. We are encouraging of further professional development of researchers and, by providing a high impact platform, we can help make advances in addictive disorders and mental health research.

The main goal of this initiative is to support research which further explores the key elements in developing treatments: biological, psychological, social and spiritual. We also aim to have improved knowledge of intervention and prevention.

Serenity Recovery provides an arena for researchers to have their work recognised nationally and internationally by providing their findings to practitioners, students and other professionals at events and through our social media outreach. Their knowledge can then be shared and applied in an attempt to provide better care for all.


Note: The information provided are also based on my personal research or opinions.

Fresh Outlook On addiction

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For most, January represents not simply a new year, but a time to start a fresh or new outlook on life. For those with drug or alcohol addiction, the start of a new year can mean so much more, the chance to ultimately get clean before it is too late. Participating in a detoxification or rehab clinic treatment program is often the first step on the path to recovery from addiction.

Alcohol, Drug Rehab

Since setup, thousands have taken that journey with part of Serenity UK group of websites, Advanced Clinics for Addiction Treatment and assessments, recognized as working with best of the most successful and innovative private rehab clinics for addiction and rehabilitation in the country.

With Rehab Clinics in Bournemouth, as well as locations in Bedfordshire and Luton, Kingston upon Thames, Warrington, Chelmsford and Scotland, also further afield Countries like Spain, Cyprus, South Africa and Thailand.

The Institute is known as a leader in Drugs, Opiate, Alcohol, and Benzodiazepine detoxification treatments, as well as eating disorders therapy.

More specifically, The group has helped to free patients of substance abuse and addiction to Prescription Drugs, Heroin, Methadone, Cocaine, and other Drugs.

It’s noted for its use of the great Detox Clinics in combination with a number of therapies to treat addiction, including CBT and NLP with one to one counselling and group which is safer, more effective and less costly than other treatments.

More than 99% of its patients have been successfully and comfortably detoxed through this method. And being placed into the right drug rehab or alcohol treatment clinic makes all the difference.

People who depend on drugs or alcohol know full well how daunting it can be to pick and make a commitment to sobriety and for good. But they don’t have to face another year fighting with addiction alone. In the able and merciful hands of the treatment consultants and counselling staff at, 2010 can signify the first day of the remainder of their healthy new drug or alcohol free lives.

If you or someone in your family has a Alcohol or Drug Addiction problem, will help finding a successful alcohol drug rehab program can be a life-saver. Just talking to someone who really understands what you are going through can make a difference. Call 0800 118 2982 now for free expert advice.

The has helped thousands of clients recover and get over the consequences of alcohol, heroin use and other drugs like Methadone, Cocaine and Prescription Drugs.

The mixture of the Rehab Detox Clinics Strategy with a counselling care program is what makes it unique among addiction treatment clinics and its success rate so high.

I Wasn’t Ready for Rehab

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I believed I was functioning normally, taking drugs every other weekend. Why would people believe I was functioning normally, taking drugs every other weekend. Why would people believe I was functioning normally, taking drugs every other weekend. Why would people believe I was functioning normally, taking drugs every other weekend. Why would people


The danger of opiate abuse.

There is currently an epidemic of opiate abuse happening across the world today. With opia Read More

How an Opiate Addiction is Treated in Rehab

     It’s a common fact that an opiate addiction can be difficult to treat. Opiates Read More

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