Admissions Procedure;

An admission request can be made by private clients and appropriate third party referrals, into any of our Clinics; our policy is to admit Clients within a 24hr time frame, when required, on completion of assessment.

We offer immediate telephone assessments, which are managed by our specialist admissions team, no appointment is necessary. We aim to be available 24hrs a day, 7days a week and our telephone counsellors can manage emergency admissions when required.

The assessment process is supervised by our own specialist admissions counsellors; we are passionate about providing clients with an experience that is safe and considerate of all their needs.

This time will be an opportunity to explore all our services, whilst the specialist will be able to assess the priority treatment needs, taking into account any mental, physical and clinical issues.

What to expect;

The treatment programme is extensive, we understand that every client is different and benefits dramatically from the unique treatment plans we design to support their individual needs.

At Serenity Healthcare we unreservedly commit to ensuring all our clients have 1to1 therapy and will be asked to join the group therapy sessions and workshops. We include a wide range of complimentary therapies included alongside many familiar therapeutic interventions.

What next;

Prior to coming to one of our Clinics, clients will be given essential information; what to expect when they arrive, details on the treatment programme, what to pack and supportive literature for families and friends.

Serenity Healthcare have admitted clients from all over the UK and Internationally, we can help in the planning long distance travel and can help arrange transport from Airports and Train stations across the Country

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