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Death Guidelines



If you check on a client and the client does not appear to be breathing and no pulse is evident (radial, carotid, femural), call the G.P. and say that you think the client has passed away suddenly. If the circumstances appear suspicious, inform the G.P.

Do not, under any circumstances, move the client or touch anything in the immediate vicinity of the client and lock room.

Do not leave building until police have arrived.

Contact on-call manager immediately on 0333 444 0422.

When G.P. has visited and confirmed death, G.P. will then contact the Police and Coroner’s office.


Coroner will visit the Home with Police Officers. They will need to know:

Client’s name, age, date of birth, next of kin
Diagnosis, (if any)
Any unusual incidents prior to death
Any physical complaints prior to death
Time client last seen alive and by whom
Time client was found and by whom

Coroner will remove the client and any evidence to the hospital mortuary for post mortem.

Police Officers will inform next of kin and take statements from staff and client.

Any client who has a diagnosis of mental illness will require someone to act as Appropriate Adult during Police interview – This can be a member of the Management Team from the rehab clinic.

NON-SUSPICIOUS DEATH (but not expected)

Police Officers will visit the Home at request of G.P.

Member of the team on duty to contact on-call, manager immediately.

If not local, arrangements will be made via Police for next of kin to visit local hospital mortuary to identify the client.

Police will need to know same information about the client as listed above.

Police will view the body with the next of kin for identity purposes and to also check for signs of trauma (if any found, Police will contact Coroner).

Body will be removed to hospital mortuary for post mortem (if local). If not local body will be removed to hospital mortuary prior to identification by next of kin.

In all cases, contact Health Authority Inspection Unit and Social Services Inspection Unit at the earliest opportunity to inform them.

CEO to handle any media interest.

Title: Death Guidelines
Prepared by: The Management Team
Issue/review date: January 2018
Review date: January 2019
Status: Approved – Care Home Manager

February 6, 2018


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