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CLIENT Abstinence Policy

Abstinence Policy
Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab


1.1) Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a specialised residential treatment centre for individuals experiencing difficulties with a range of depressive/anxiety related disorders, addictions and other associated self-defeating behaviours.
1.2) Alcohol and drug misuse may interfere with a person’s mental and physical health. Also it can cause potential risk/harm to other staff, clients and the service as a whole. This can also incorporate the use of many prescribed drugs, which may have adverse effects on the individual including problems of addictive tendencies/nature.
1.3) Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab provides a safe environment for all client’s, due to the dangers involved in alcohol and substance misuse, this policy aims to highlight the disciplinary procedure for any client not adhering to the abstinence policy.

The purpose of this policy:

Effectively communicate to all Clients the rules in relation to the impact of alcohol consumption and substance misuse whist in treatment at Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab.
3.1 This policy covers the use and misuse of intoxicating substances, which include alcohol, solvents, legal and illegal drugs, prescription and over-the counter medicines and other substances that could be mood altering.
3.2 This policy applies to all clients at Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab


Client charter Health & safety policy
Disciplinary policy & procedures
Client Conduct


5 POLICY STATEMENTS – In the interests and the well-being of clients and all staff it is essential:
5.1) Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab operates an abstinence based approach to treatment and recovery. All clients are expected to adhere also to this policy and procedures have been put in place to ensure this.
5.2) We reserve the right to employ random alcohol/drug testing on all clients suspected of, or perceived as having used drugs or alcohol.
5.3) If you fail or refuse to undergo testing we will start the discharge procedure.
See discharge policy

5.4) Every effort will be made to create an environment promoting health and well-being within Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab. All clients will be encouraged to discuss any issues/concerns relating to themselves or any other client should they have any concerns regarding alcohol and/or drug misuse
5.5) The abstinence policy extends to all visitors at Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Clients are responsible to report any concerns to a senior member of staff, who will manage the situation accordingly.
5.6) Everyone has a role to play in helping those who are misusing alcohol and/or drugs and it is essential that there should be no cover-up. No one should feel guilty about bringing the matter to the attention of management; the aim is to help people to recover and to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

6 PRINCIPLES RELATING TO Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab
6.1 That alcohol and drug misuse is primarily a problem, which requires ABSTINANCE whilst in treatment at Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab
6.2 Any client who is in treatment is primarily responsible for their own behaviour in their program of recovery during treatment.
6.3 Any client who has relapsed during treatment shall be asked to leave with immediate effect and not allowed on the premises. Please see client charter and disciplinary procedure for further details.

Title: Client Abstinence
Prepared by: The Management Team
Issue/review date: January 2018
Review date: January 2018
Status: Approved – Care Home Manager

January 25, 2018


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