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Policy –                      ADMISSIONS TO CLINIC    –   ISSUED JANUARY 3RD 2018

Serenity Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab


INTRODUCTION –   At Serenity Health we believe that the admission procedure is an integral part of the treatment process for clients and beginning of a therapeutic alliance.  We understand that this can be a difficult and emotional time for our clients and our aim is to make our clients feel as comfortable and safe as possible during this process.   This policy is to set out guidelines that all Serenity Health staff who are involved in the admission process will follow and adhere to.   It has been written in accordance with the QUADS code of practice.


PURPOSE – This policy has been designed to enable all Serenity Health staff to deal with admissions to the clinic effectively and safely.  It is also there to protect and safeguard Serenity Health clients and to inform them of the boundaries and house rules of the clinic and our philosophy and ethics.  To ensure that clients have clearly understood the agreement they have made with Serenity Health in accordance with delivery of service and the responsibility of both parties in their treatment process.


SCOPE – This policy applies to all Sensatori Staff involved in the admissions process whether permanent, temporary or contracted.  It is also in place to ensure that the client has been made aware on admission of the client charter that they will sign as an agreement of the treatment service and what this entails.


RELATED POLICIES – Assessment policy, Abstinence policy, discharge policy, drug and alcohol testing policy and Safeguarding adults, Client charter.




  • Admission has been agreed through prior initial assessment and discussion with the therapy team and signed off by the Care Home Manager.



  • Date of admission to be agreed with client and the therapy team informed of Admission at the client review weekly meeting. Due to the nature of the client group we have to admit emergency cases, however an initial assessment will still be done prior to admission and agreed by Managing Director after consultation with Management Team.  
  • At all times attempts to arrange for a week day admission from Monday-Thursday before 2 pm so that safe admission can be monitored. However there may be times that clients have to be admitted out of these hours.  This must be arranged and agreed with the Therapy Manager or Managing director to ensure that appropriate staff are available.   If client requires detox appointment with GP must be pre-arranged.
  • Client arrives and is welcomed to the clinic.
  • Client taken into admissions/family room.
  • Staff member to explain the admission procedure calmly and appropriately.
  • Explain urine testing procedure and test sample. Explain base line ask the client if they are taking any medication which may interfere with the testing.
  • Explain alco-meter, perform test.
  • Record all results.
  • If client requires detox clarify at what time GP visit will happen, ensure client within limits refer to guidelines …
  • Ask if client has any valuable belongings that they need to be kept safe. If so ask client to sign valuable document, this must be countersigned by another member of the team were possible.
  • Explain mobile phone policy.
  • Refer to confidentiality policy for clients/staff and ask client to sign.
  • Go through client charter and ask client to sign.
  • Provide client with the Serenity Health client Handbook and explain.
  • Inform client of their allocated counsellor.
  • Explain the comprehensive assessment procedure and when that will take place.
  • Perform bag search – following strict bag search protocol as below.
  • Ask client if they packed their own bag.
  • Ask client if they have handed in any medication.
  • Ask client if they have any drugs, alcohol or drug parapahanalia in their bag.
  • Ask client if any of their mouthwashes, perfume or aftershave contains alcohol. If they do please remove and
  • Take client to allocated room – help settle.
  • Assign client with a buddy/fellow peer to help orient into the programme.
  • Introduce client to fellow peers and team.




  • Inform relevant parties of admission i.e. referring agencies or family – referring to confidentially statement and parties’ client has agreed for this information to be passed on to.




Prepared by: 

The Management Team

Issue/review date:

January 2018

Review date:           

January 2019


Approved  – Care Home Manager




January 28, 2018


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