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Our Policies and Procedures

Serenity  Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab POLICIES INDEX

Abstinence Policy Clients

Abstinence Policy Staff

Accident Policy

Advertising Policy and Funding Source

Administration and Storage of Medication

Admissions Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Client Conduct Policy

Clinical Governance

Complaint Procedure

Computer Workstations

Confidentiality Serenity Health Clients

Confidentiality Staff Serenity Health

 Death Guidelines

Discharge Policy

Discipline Procedure

Edged Tools – knives

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

FDAP Code of Ethics

First Aid

Gifts Gratuities and Bequests

Health and Safety Policy 2013

High Window Cleaning

Hot Cupboard

Induction Policy

Laundry Risk Assessment


Litter Collection

Lone Worker Policy

Manual Handling of Stationary Supplies

Microwave Oven

Missing Person 

Moving Office Equipment

No Smoking Policy

Office Equipment

Office Safety

Ovens and Ranges

Quality Management System

Risk Assessment and Care Planning Policy and Procedure

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Securing Grounds and Locking Up

Violence in the Workplace

Washing Up by Hand


January 25, 2018


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