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The Benefits of our Service

  • Most of Our Rehab Clinics Accept Medical Insurance
  • Private Treatment Centres available UK and Worldwide
  • Free Advice on Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinics in your area
  • Free Advice on NHS services
  • Free information on Alcohol, Drug and eating disorder support groups in your area
  • Effective affordable treatment from £350 per week
  • Rehab Clinic Credit Facility, Call for Details
We provide immediate admission, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, We can pick you up from anywhere.
Professional Memberships
The RehabClinc.org.uk is part of the Serenity UK group of websites. We are also members of professional bodies that regulate clinic referrals.
Medical Insurance Claim?
We are able to except medical insurance claims for the following Companies;
Happy Families
Information and Advice
  • Private one to one counselling
  • Personalised detox plans
  • Day session addiction counselling
  • Pre clinic counselling advice
  • Drug testing kits
  • Group therapy, single sex and mixed groups
  • Free drug and/or alcohol assessments
  • Stress anxiety problems
  • Family breakdowns
  • Treatment for gambling
  • Sex and love addictions
  • Eating disorders
Support and Advice for a Variety of Addictions
  • Counselling for shopping addictions
  • Computer addictions
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Addiction assessments
  • Psychiatric assessments, dual diagnose
  • Poly substance misuse
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Family counselling for relations of addicts and alcoholics
  • Free consultations

Get in Touch

If you would like some free confiedential and no obligation advice about any of the above or just want to know more about what options are available to you, please call 0800 234 3825.
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