The danger of opiate abuse.

August 27, 2018

There is currently an epidemic of opiate abuse happening across the world today. With opiate abuse
related deaths hitting an all-time high. With an estimated 71% rise in over dose related deaths in the
United States alone.
There is a crisis amongst our society, with this highly addictive drug being imported from countries such
as China, and Mexico. Children as young as fifteen are known for getting addicted to this highly
dangerous drug.
Heroin effects the neurotransmitters( dopamine) in the brain, these are the receptors in the brain that
mange pain, and the persons feelings, this will happen as the brain releases hormones in to the body. As
the Heroin hits the blood stream feelings of being content and calm will take place, described by some
Heroin addicts as a ready break glow’ or a ‘comfort blanket’ being wrapped around them.
It will take around three days, for a person to become chemically dependent on Heroin. Once they have
become dependent, with out it, they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Such as, anxiety, muscle
aches, cramps, sweats, insomnia, sickness, some people describe it as severe flu like symptoms, with
feelings of fear and dread. This will continue, until they able to obtain their next fix. The person may
become angry and aggressive and act of character, this is due to the pain they will be suffering in
withdrawal mode. The longer they stay on Heroin, the more they will need. And their addiction to Heroin
will progress. As their addiction progresses, so will the way in which they fund their habit. There will be
more of a risk of court orders, and in the end ultimately Heroin addicts do end up with a custodial
sentence in the end.
The long- term effects of Heroin abuse, are Wight loss, hair loss, people can loses their teeth. It will also
affect the persons mental and emotional wellbeing. They will suffer bouts of depression and may lock
themselves away in to isolation.
Local services, can provide substitutes, such as Methadone or Subutex. They will have to be ready to
start the detox process, as they can run the risk of forming a double habit. The risk of over dose is much
higher, when a person uses Heroin on top of their prescription medication.
If you know a friend, or love one who is suffering from an Heroin addiction, it can be very sad and
frustrating for you. It is important not to enable a person by giving them money. You can support them by
buying food, or just listening to them. Reach out and tell them that there is away out, through drug rehab
and 12 step fellowships. There are hundreds of thousands of people world wide, who have taken their
lives back after Heroin addiction.
The safest way to detox from Heroin is through a detox program, and then go on to a treatment program.
Recovery from any form of substance, is available to any person that wants it.

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