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Private Drug Rehab

Private Rehabilitation ClinicsPrivate drug rehab clinics are well known for their successful treatment in helping clients with addictions. Private drug & alcohol rehab clinics offer a range of treatments and facilities.

Some private rehab clinics have state of the art treatment centers. Quite often, our rehabilitation centers across entire UK are located in quiet locations away from the city or town.

Some private rehab clinics have their own gyms, private apartments, highly trained counseling staff and offer a range of treatment programmes.

Some of our rehabilitation centers offer year long after care for clients which offer them help and support after the client has left the private rehab clinic.

Success Rates

Nearly all  our rehabilitation centers and clinics across UK have a higher success rate than Government ones in comparison. The private clinics offer treatment and rehabilitation programmes to deal with life issues as well as the alcohol or drug problem and teach a client how to live a different way of life.


Cost of Private Rehab Clinics

The cost of private rehab clinics can start from as little as £300 per week to the higher end of £10,000 to £20,000 per week. Cost shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor when choosing a private rehab centers though.

The private rehab clinics that are less expensive can, more often than not, have a higher success rates than the more expensive private rehab clinic. It all depends on choice when deciding a private rehab centers – based on their facilities, location, treatment offered, length of programme etc.

Private rehab centers tend to offer programmes from 4 weeks up to 3 months and can offer the client more exclusiveness where the private rehab clinic can focus more on the individual.

Our Rehabilitation Centers Across UK

Below you will find information about the clinics we operate.


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