Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Rehab Treatment ClinicsWe can help free you from eating disorders such as bulimia or compulsive eating habits. Many people with an eating disorder use the eating disorder as a way of controlling their lives.

We can help find the right treatment and support at specialised eating disorder clinics. What most people don’t realise is that it isn’t them in control of their lives; their eating disorder takes control of their lives.

An eating disorder develops for many reasons and as well as treatment for the eating disorder, you will need specialist help to deal with your feelings inside which play a big part in your eating disorder.

How Eating Disorders Develop

When someone develops a problem with food, it is because they use it to cope with various problems and issues in their lives. People use what they believe is their control over food when they are lonely, sad, ashamed of something, bored, angry, isolated or angry.

They use their eating disorder as a way of dealing with emotions and feelings, sometimes without even realising it. Food is a very important part of our daily lives and we all know that we need to eat but for some people their eating patterns become damaging.

Eating Disorder Rehab

This is when you need to get help before it becomes too late. Sadly, it is not uncommon for people with eating disorders to have major health problems that can even lead to fatal consequences. We have specialisted treatment centres that can give you the right support and treatment for your specific need.

Sometimes the realisation of an eating disorder can make you feel ashamed and sad. A problem with food can make you feel like you are on your own but this is an important time to seek help and talk to someone who you can trust.

All our counsellors are highly qualified in this field and you can speak to any of them in complete confidence. They can advise you on what type of treatment would be best suited for you and help guide you to making the right choice of treatment centre for your specific needs.

We only give impartial advice and will only help you make a choice that is best suited to your specific needs.

Bad Eating Habits

Lots of people experiment with food and eating habits during their life. Whether you decide to be a vegetarian or change your diet for a healthy eating plan. But your eating habits become a problem when you use it to deal with painful situations, feelings and emotions. Some people even use their eating disorder as a way of dealing with stress.

Usually an eating disorder is made up from a combination of things affecting someone’s life. They believe they cannot cope with certain situations, feelings and emotions but this can change if you seek the right help and support on how you deal with these emotions and feelings. You can recover from an eating disorder but only if you seek help and support.

Counselling for an Eating Disorder

You can’t do this on your own and we can give you free impartial advise and support – we will help you get through this.

Low self esteem, lack of confidence, relationships, problems in work or with friends, problems with school, college and universities, sexual or physical abuse are all important factors that can trigger an eating order.

Sometimes it can just be the fact that someone feels fat or ugly and their feelings of not being good enough can lead to a problem with food which can develop into a dangerous eating disorder.

Sadly it can take a long time before you seek help and realise that you have lost control over food. As soon as you can acknowledge you have a problem with food, you can then seek help and treatment for your disorder.

Eating Disorders can Affect Everyone

Eating disorders aren’t just confined to young girls; young men can suffer from this problem too. It can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, culture. It will also affect family members and friends of the person suffering from an eating disorder.

Once you realise that your eating disorder has taken control over your life, you need to seek help and get the support that is needed for you, your family and friends – please call us now and seek the help that you need.

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