Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Intervention for alcohol and drugs dependency and addiction
There sometimes comes a point when you realise that your own consumption of alcohol, drugs or both, is having a negative effect on your health, or your ability to function at home or work. And you seek urgent help.

That is not always the case. Sometimes it’s a family member or friend who becomes concerned about their loved one’s dependency on drugs or alcohol. Or perhaps you have a colleague at work, who you feel is at risk from their misuse of substances.

Some individuals need more help than others in facing up to their alcohol or drug dependency. The reasons for this are many and varied but include unwillingness to face the “stigma” attached to the issue. Or perhaps they lack the motivation and confidence to make changes.

There could also be underlying issues with anxiety, stress or depression, which are leading someone to “self-medicate”. Or, they may be locked in a cycle of using alcohol or drugs to maintain their social circle, because the alternative is isolation and loneliness.

For all the reasons that someone may avoid getting help, there is only one overarching reason to seek professional intervention: it could save their life. Both in terms of the tremendous health risks they are facing, but also in the way alcohol and drug addiction can destroy family relationships, career prospects and friendships.

Don’t delay if you or a loved one are at crisis point. Do circumstances or your concerns make it imperative to get help quickly? The earlier that you seek help, the better able the individual is to transition smoothly back in to their home and work life.

However, getting the right drug and alcohol intervention is also vital. it’s the only way to be sure of the best possible chance of a sustainable recovery.

So where can you find urgent qualified interventionists? That’s exactly what we offer. Alongside discrete, confidential and effective free advice for alcohol or drug related issues.

<b>The help is there, and it’s right for you</b>

The misuse of substances is far more common that you might imagine. Alcohol and drugs are so readily available in modern society and people of all ages, and from all backgrounds, can find themselves dependent or addicted.

If you personally realise that you urgently need support to address those issues, it is reassuring to know that there is urgent help available 24 hours a day, throughout the year at Serenity Health. If you need to discuss someone else’s issues with alcohol or drugs, that same round the clock professional help is also available.

Serenity Health offers a discrete, confidential and effective form of both alcohol intervention and drug intervention. No need for a GP referral, or indeed for anyone else to know. You can contact a highly trained and experienced interventionist around the clock even if it is just to talk and get some initial free advice.

<b>What to do if someone is in denial about their alcohol or drug addiction</b>

Are you wondering how to get someone to agree to get help with alcohol and drug problems? Or seeking information on where to find drug and alcohol intervention services when the individual is reluctant to engage?

It can be a source of great worry and frustration if your family member, friend or colleague is not willing to admit they have a problem or makes excuses to avoid getting help. They may be trying hard to prove they can cope, or even working hard to hide their alcohol or drugs dependency or addiction. The long-term effects on health can be catastrophic. Also, the stress of “holding it all together” could be making their addictive behaviour even worse.

So, the time to find drugs and alcohol intervention is now.

One of the reasons that Serenity Health offers free advice, 24 hours a day, is to make it as easy as possible for all individuals to engage with our services for alcohol intervention and drug intervention. Beginning with an initial free discussion and information, and moving on to one to one consultations.

<b>How does intervention for alcohol and drugs issues work?</b>

Our professional interventionist would work with the family, friends and the individual, to specifically address any issues preventing the individual from seeking alcohol and drug treatment. This could be embarrassment, fear or lack of self awareness, for example. It may also be part of an underlying mental health issue or the result of trauma in their past.

Our highly trained and caring interventionists can often help them to find the awareness and motivation they need to begin treatment.

At Serenity Health, the course of our intervention services never follows the same path twice. There are no quick fix solutions or “off the shelf” packages of support. Intervention and treatment would be specifically tailored to each individual and what they personally need. That is the only way of being sure they have the best possible chance for a sustainable recovery.

If the individual is in crisis when they engage with our alcohol and drugs intervention specialists, then urgent admission to Serenity Health in Surrey may be needed. This would lead to a period of intense, medically-supported detox as an inpatient. Or, it may be possible to move straight to a well-orchestrated rehab programme.

<b>First step to alcohol intervention or drug intervention</b>

To start the process of healing and recovery, and to benefit from effective drug and alcohol intervention, contact us now. This can be any time throughout the day and night.

Making that first call could unlock the help needed to find lasting solutions to alcohol and drug dependency and addiction. There really is nothing to lose, and everything to gain from making that call.

February 4, 2018


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