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We provide immediate addiction treatment admission, we are open 24 hours, 365 days a year.


Serenity Healthcare is a dedicated team of drug and alcohol addiction experts who are well respected in the field. Our focus and expertise is in assuring that you get the right alcohol & drug addiction treatment that best suits your needs, more importantly we will get you right again. Please contact us to get professional help and support you deserve.


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The vast majority of sufferers are unfamiliar with chemical dependency, alcohol addiction and/or drug abuse.


As a result, they end up making uninformed choices and not getting the best help available or worse yet, not getting any help at all.


There are a number of different drug and alcohol treatment programmes that may or may not include detox. We can explain the difference and help you find the one that is best for you.

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We can guide you and offer answers to difficult questions regarding drug treatment, alcohol rehab centres and alcohol detox clinics:


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Cocaine Rehab Clinic Cocaine Rehab Clinic

Cardiac problems, neglect of family responsibilities, ignoring job demands, social isolation, neglect of body needs and hygiene, disintegration of the mucous membrane, collapse of the nasal septum, selling of personal property, mood swings, weight loss,... Read more

Home Detox Home Detox

A personalised home detox plan could be all the rehabilitation treatment you need! Home Detox provides a safe, discreet and comfortable detox in the privacy of your own home. We offer a total abstinence program. There’s no need to travel great distances,... Read more

Counselling Services Counselling Services

We offer specialist outpatient services to those looking for help and support within a number of different areas. Our team is based in the Hertfordshire area and we work with a select group of therapists throughout the UK and make referrals to those we... Read more

Eating Disorders Eating Disorders

We can help free you from eating disorders such as bulimia or compulsive eating habits. Many people with an eating disorder use the eating disorder as a way of controlling their lives. We can help find the right treatment and support at specialised eating... Read more

Alcohol Addiction Alcohol Addiction

Is drink costing you more than money? There are many different interpretations of addiction; we like to keep it simple: Once the benefit of excessive drinking has been out weighed by the cost then the slide into ‘problem drinking’ has been made. Problem... Read more